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Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy classes explained

Wondering what different styles of play will be on offer in this mobile RPG? We’re here to help with a guide to all the Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy classes

A screenshot from a trailer for Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy, showing a woman stood at the base of a massive tree with white leaves, on a tiny island surrounded by water, the moon massive in the background.

The turn-based mobile game from Perfect World Games, Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy looks set to bring big-budget graphics into the palm of your hand. With various characters, role-playing elements, and turn-based combat, this could be a big hit with any RPG fans out there.

It looks to be a spiritual successor to one of the developer’s previous games, the MMORPG Jade Dynasty, released in 2007. Perfect World Games shut down the servers for the title in 2018, though it was quite popular in the years it was active. So, by looking at early footage from the mobile title, and by cross-referencing this with the classes in the previous game, we can find out quite a bit about the many Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy classes.

So, read on to see everything we know so far, and keep an eye on this page as we’ll update it when we learn more. If you’re a fan of massive fantasy mobile titles, check out our Genshin Impact tier list and Genshin Impact codes to get the lowdown on the biggest in the genre.

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy classes

There are eight Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy classes, five of which have the same names as the classes in Perfect World Games’ previous Jade Fantasy MMO from 2007. So, while we don’t have much information from New Fantasy outside of stats, we can infer how the classes may behave by looking back to the past.

There are five stats that each class is affected by. These are survivability, damage per second (DPS), area of effect (AoE), support, and seal. It’s not entirely clear what seal means, but the rest look like they do what they say on the tin. High support would suggest the class is a good healer and high survivability that the class can take a lot of damage.

Art from Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy, showing a woman and a man in flowing attire, hair tied up, looking at the audience.


This class has very high DPS and AoE, helping with crowd control. It looks like they deal damage from range primarily, and have lower defensive abilities with medium survivability, low seal, and very low support, meaning you want to keep them out of the firing line.


Another high damage dealer, this class has very high seal and medium support, survivability, and DPS, making it a good all-rounder and a good starter for beginners. With low AoE, it won’t be helpful against groups, but one-on-one it should be more than enough.


This mage class has very high DPS and high AOE, as well as medium survivability. It looks like another high-damage class with a well-rounded set of combat stats. Very low support and seal however, make it a little bit more restrictive.


Another high-damage class, Vim has very high DPS and high AOE making it quite similar to the Jadeon class. With low survivability and seal and very low support, however, this class may end up being a bit of a glass cannon.


Probably the closest thing to a healer, the Skysong class has very high survivability and support, meaning you can heal and buff allies. With low DPS and AOE and very low seal, you won’t be doing much in terms of damage, but could be essential to getting through a tough fight.


The first of the three new classes, this class has very high seal and high survivability, suggesting that it might have a great defence. With low DPS, AOE, and support, however, it may be a bit restrictive.


The Poisoner looks like an assassin-style class. With very high DPS and medium survivability, I suspect it will be great against small groups and single enemies. Due to its low AoE and support and very low seal, it’s unlikely to do well against large hordes, however.

Southern Border

Another support class, this one has identical stats to Skysong, with very high survivability and support. It’s unclear how these two classes differ, however. With low DPS and AoE and very low seal this class will be light on damage.

So, that’s all we’ve got for Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy classes. We’ll update the page with any new information when we find it. We’ve also got a Roblox promo codes page where you can get free stuff if you fancy. Or you can take a gander at our Coin Master free spins and Genshin Impact codes to find something different.