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Jujutsu Infinite codes

If you need Roblox Jujutsu Infinite codes then we’re here to help. Power up in this anime-inspired new Roblox experience, and get ready for launch.

Jujutsu Infinite codes: a Roblox avatar looks to unleash a ninja style attack

Lots of people are on the hunt for Roblox Jujutsu Infinite codes, as fans are already buzzing for this new Jujutsu Kaisen game. While it hasn’t officially launched yet, fans are already testing the game, and you can even bag some codes along the way to power up your play experience. So, let us point you in the right direction with our Jujutsu Infinite codes guide.

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Jujutsu Infinite codes

Active codes:

While there are Jujutsu Infinite codes, you must join the Jujutsu Infinite Discord to get access. The game is currently in testing, so there are no public codes yet, so if you do want to get the current codes, you also have to pay a $29.99 monthly fee to access the current testing period and the codes.

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What are Jujutsu Infinite codes?

Jujutsu Infinite codes are a specific set of numbers and letters you can input into the game to unlock rewards. However, developer Awesome Ninja Games is still developing the title, so the only way to access the current batch of codes is to join the Jujutsu Infinite Discord, and pay $29.99 a month to access the current testing period and its applicable codes.

How do I redeem Jujutsu Infinite codes?

It’s a bit difficult to redeem Jujutsu Infinite codes right now, so stick with us and follow these steps.

  • First, enter the Jujutsu Infinite Discord
  • To access the current testing period and codes, join the $29.99 ‘Special Grade Sorcerer’ tier. Please only do this if you can afford to do so, we’re sure the game will become public soon and will also receive public codes
  • Then access the channel #special-grade-giveaways
  • Here, developer Awesome Ninja Games distributes codes for special tier fans

There you have it, folks. That’s all we have on Jujutsu Infinite codes for now. As mentioned, they’re currently locked behind a hefty monthly fee. Access them if you can afford to, but we highly recommend steering clear otherwise. If you want to play something free whilst you wait, play almost literally any other titles in our list of best Roblox game, or check out our Roblox game codes for some free codes today.