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Kirby and the Forgotten Land codes - coins and stones

Never be short on coins, and unlock every ability upgrade with our full list of all the available Kirby and the Forgotten Land codes.

Kirby stands next to a waddle dee outside, and later Kirby approaches one behind a counter

We always love a good Kirby game, but the enjoyable Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a smash hit for the franchise and a charming 3D platformer with loads to do. One of the most exciting tasks laid at Kirby’s little red feet is the chance to upgrade every ability, but it’s going to cost you…

Luckily there are several Kirby and the Forgotten Land codes available to help you grab some extra coins and the collectables needed to  make use of those Kirby and the Forgotten Land blueprints and power up Kirby’s many different powers. You’ll also need coins to unlock every figure in the gotcha machines, an addictive little side task that we’ve spent way too much time with.

So if you’re enjoying Kirby’s latest venture and want to make the most of your time in the Forgotten Land, be sure to use these codes to get even more out of this adorable escapade with the world’s most famous pink puffball. When you’re done here, be sure to check out our other guides, such as Kirby and the Forgotten Land co-op, Kirby and the Forgotten Land copy abilities, and Kirby and the Forgotten Land bosses.

All Kirby present codes

Make sure you do input these as they appear, as the codes are case-sensitive. These codes become available as you play through the regular game or the demo, and Nintendo themselves tend to release the odd code through social media. We’ll update this guide as and when more codes appear.

Active codes:

  • THANKYOUFORPLAYING – 800 star coins, three rare stones, maxim tomato (new!)
  • MOUTHFUL MODE – 100 star coins
  • FIRSTPASSWORD – 100 star coins
  • KIRBYSTORY – 100 star coins
  • CLEARDEMO – 300 star coins
  • NEWADVENTURE – 300 star coins, one rare stone
  • THANKYOUMETAKNIGHT – three rare stones
  • THANKYOUKIRBY – 1000 star coins, one rare stones

What are Kirby and the Forgotten Land codes

Kirby and the Forgotten Land uses a currency of coins, as well as collectable items, to unlock and improve certain aspects of the gameplay. These codes are collections of words and letters that, when input, reward you with some of these currencies, helping you to unlock some abilities that help you tackle the later challenges!

How do I redeem my Kirby and the Forgotten Land codes?

After playing through the first level, you gain access to the adorable hub area known as Waddle Dee Town. Here the Waddle Dees you save in levels help to rebuild the town, unlocking new facilities for you to use. Soon Waddle Dee-liveries will open, and here you can enter present codes to unlock the reward. These goodies appear one by one outside of Kirby’s house, and you must receive each reward first before you unlock another with a code.

That’s everything we have on Kirby and the Forgotten Land codes right now, but come back to check for more! If you need a little extra help, why not take a peek at our guide to Kirby and the Forgotten Land capsules next?