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There’s a new Lego Star Wars game just in time for May the Fourth

Join the minifigure rebellion in Lego Fortnite’s Star Wars collaboration by protecting the Rebel Village from the Empire’s forces.

Lego Fortnite Star Wars: Minifigures of Lando, Luke, and a Stormtrooper, outlined in white and pasted on a blurred Lego Fortnite Star Wars screenshot

Celebrate May the Fourth the blocky way in Lego Fortnite’s Star Wars crossover event. You read that right – Fortnite’s spin-off Lego-themed survival mode is getting its own tie-ins alongside the usual IP-mashing madness of the battle royale mode.

Lego Fortnite launched back in December 2023 alongside two other Fortnite live service games, Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival, marking the beginning of Epic Games’ expansion of the platform into the ultimate metaverse experience. The Lego Group has since created several brick-based Fortnite islands filled with minifigures and minigames for us to explore.

This latest partnership reinvents the incredibly popular Star Wars Lego games for the metaverse era. Outside of your standard Lego Fortnite map, the Rebel Village awaits, and it needs your help. Build up the village to level ten to protect the Rebels from the Empire’s forces that were pursuing them across the galaxy before rifting onto Star Wars Island. Collect resources and construct buildings to bolster the rebellion and outlast the Empire.

This update introduces a bunch of new gear and environments for you to explore during version 29.40 and beyond, so there’s no need to rush. Utilize lightsabers, macrobinoculars, and other Star Wars weapons to protect the rebels and dismantle the Empire’s camps, and unlock progress on the LEGO Pass: Rebel Adventure rewards track. You can unlock Chewbacca’s outfit in both Fortnite and Lego styles, and the iconic Mos Eisley marketplace.

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When can I play Lego Fortnite’s Star Wars collaboration?

Star Wars Island is available in Lego Fortnite from May 3, 2024, and will stay in the game indefinitely. The LEGO Pass: Rebel Adventure is available to progress through until July 23, 2024, at 8 AM ET, but you might be able to nab the skins from the in-game shop at a later date if you miss out.

This update also introduces Lego-style versions of tons of existing Fortnite skins, including some Star Wars skins like Darth Vader, The Mandalorian, and Krrsantan. Check out the post on Fortnite’s website for all the details.

That’s everything we know about Lego Fortnite’s Star Wars collaboration. While you’re here, make sure you check out our list of the best Star Wars games on Switch and mobile, as well as our guide to the Star Wars: Hunters release date.