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A Little Hope Switch release date emerges from the fog

We’ve got word of a The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Switch release date, with Bandai Namco offering the perfect accompaniment for Halloween.

Screenshot of a spooky character holding a pair of candles for Little Hope Switch release date news

Summer is gone, and we’re now looking towards the spooky seasons with the news that a The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope release date for Nintendo Switch is on the way. For fans of Silent Hill and the Layers of Fear series, this is a horror game we at Pocket Tactics have been waiting for a Switch port for a while now, and we already can’t wait to take the trip into the macabre surroundings of Little Hope.

Destined for a place on our list of the best Switch horror games, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope has been out on other consoles for a couple of years now (releasing on October 30, 2020), but this is the first chance to play the game on the go. It tells the tale of a group of college students who find themselves in Little Hope following a bus crash, with a mysterious fog enveloping their experience as they try to find a way home. As you might anticipate, there’s more to worry about than just some poor weather conditions.

As a primarily narrative-based experience, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope has multiple possible outcomes depending on the decisions you make in-game. As such, there are various endings in the game, with some telling a distinctly more depressing story than others. Still, we can’t wait to do it all and then do it all over again as we take in all of that sweet horror lore from a series well-known for its top-quality writing.

When is the The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Switch release date?

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope’s Switch release date is October 5, 2023. That makes it a perfect fit for your Halloween game of choice this year, with the spooky narrative sure to send a few shivers down your spine. For a better idea of what to expect, check out the trailer below.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the Little Hope Switch release date. For something a little less frightening, check out our Roblox promo codes and Roblox game codes. The latter guide includes links to Blade Ball codes, Project Slayers codes, and more.