Find your Eden with the new Lovebrush Chronicles update

The Lovebrush Chronicles Eden update allows you to visit a luxurious oasis in which you get to meet the five male lead characters again.

Lovebrush Chronciles Eden - two characters posing in front of a bright background

Lovebrush Chronicles’ Eden update takes you to an all-new location in this romance mobile RPG. When you hear the word ‘Eden,’ you likely think of the ‘Garden of Eden,’ but it doesn’t sound like you’re about to go to paradise, not at first anyway. At least you can take the five hunky male lead characters with you to further develop your relationships, in a manner of speaking, but more on that later.

What you get before reaching Eden is actually a world smothered with sand (a common biome in the best mobile RPGs), so you essentially get to explore a large desert; yes, numerous beasts and monsters call this land home, so you best put those artistic powers to good use if you want any hope of surviving this world. Luckily, you can find special tickets throughout the world that can give you access to a legendary Oasis. Yes, the oasis is Eden.

Okay, so a lush Oasis sounds really romantic, right? Well, here you get to meet your five prospective loves all over again. Really. You need to start all over again with each of them and redevelop your relationships, and they all even have new identities – Ayn, Lars, Alkaid, Clarence, and Cael. Ah, love. It sure can take a lot of effort to keep the romance alive, huh?

Before you worry about how to make those guys fall in love with you again, you need to actually reach level six and clear story chapters 16-3 to get access to the new area and find your Eden. You also need to do this soon, as you only have access to the new area until January 11, 2024.

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Not only does this update offer a new world to explore, but it also gives you SSR and SR illustrates, and a range of activity events that are full of goodies for you to grab. Speaking of which, you might be able to grab more with our Lovebrush Chronicles codes guide. We also have Monopoly Go free dice and Coin Master free spins, so you can get all the freebies you can carry.