Marvel Future Revolution new update version 1.2.3 notes – rewards, improvements, and fresh locations

A new future begins here - check out our Marvel Future Revolution new update notes to find out about all the latest changes

Marvel Future Revolution update; the Dark Domain, where a hero faces off against a large, dark monster

Business is certainly booming for Marvel Future Revolution, the franchise’s first open world action RPG on mobile. It’s no wonder why – with the amazing graphics, a massively immersive world, and roster full of fan-favourite characters, there really is something for every agent out there.

The game has been live for a whole month now, and thus the first Marvel Revolution new update is upon us. The update, version 1.2.3, brings some awesome stuff to the already awesome game, including special rewards, new locations, costume sets, balance adjustments, and more. Of course, as with all patches, the Marvel Future Revolution update notes can be a bit dense for the casual player, so in this guide we’ve picked out all the best highlights and put it into easy-to-understand bite-size chunks. We’ll also update this guide every time a new update drops, so be sure to bookmark the page and pop back from time to time.

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Marvel Future Revolution new update version 1.2.3 patch notes

The latest Marvel Future Revolution update dropped Wednesday 29 September. Netmarble, of course, wanted its first update to proceed as swiftly and thoroughly as possible, but ended up having to delay the maintenance a couple of times. As an apology, it is offering a special compensation reward – so it’s not too much of a loss. The reward is a draw ticket selection box that you can claim through your messages, but is only available from September 29 – September 30, so you better move fast.

Marvel Future Revolution Dark Domain update

Netmarble is offering a special reward to celebrate the update of the new region, called ‘Dark Domain’. You can snag yourself a four-star costume box from September 29 – October 12 (at 11:59PM per region).

Marvel Future Revolution new update; Dark Domain promotional image showing multiple heroes

What’s new in the latest Marvel Future Revolution update?

The new update has brought in a whole host of new content, including costumes, locations and more. Check out our summary below.

  • The new locations, Twisted Border and Land of the Exiled, have been added to the fresh Dark Domain region
  • The hero level cap has been raised to 110
  • The new ‘Chains of the Abyss’ blitz has been introduced
  • Two new costume sets (special costume ‘Eyes of Osiris’ and region costume ‘dark domain’) have been added
  • New Dark Doman omega cards have been added
  • The Dark Domain has gained seven new most wanted targets
  • The Dark Zone has been expanded and reconfigured
  • 37 new challenges have been added

Marvel Future Revolution balance changes and improvements

Of course, bugs have been addressed in the latest update, but we’ve also seen a lot of quality of life improvements in other areas of the game.

  • The epic mission squad rank requirement has been reduced
  • Daily challenges will now net you larger gold rewards. If your daily challenges were completed before maintenance, but you haven’t collected your rewards until after maintenance, the upgraded amount of gold will be applied
  • The blitz reward count has been improved to a total of five. If you have unused reward counts prior to maintenance, you’ll get the equivalent amount of free crystals sent to your message box
  • The convergium particle box and squad rank EXP acquisition rates have also been adjusted, along with an increase gold and battle badge drop rate
  • Blitz and raid has been changed, so if you don’t revive you are unable to claim rewards
  • You can now revive with gold in blitz and raid
  • Omega War scoring system has been reorganized, and matchmaking in this mode is now based on your level selection
  • You can now change your skill presets from the main HUD
  • Chat tabs are retained when you move to a different location, and you can now skip the prologue at the beginning of the game

Marvel Future Revolution Events

Who doesn’t love a good event? Marvel Future Revolution has had plenty to go around. Unfortunately, the following events have now finished:

  • Rocket Raccoon’s check-in gift event
  • Baby Groot’s support event
  • Work together event
  • Running with the ravagers event

But don’t worry, a new event is on the horizon, which Netmable will announce soon. We’ll update this section as soon as we have more news.

And that’s everything on the Marvel Future Revolution new update. You can check the game out for yourself over on Google Play or the App Store for free. Or, if you’re looking for something new to play, why not check out our lists for the best mobile multiplayer games or the best mobile RPGs to find your new obsession today.