Marvel Snap Conquerors is turning content creators into heroes

Second Dinner is bringing together some of the most competitive content creators out there for the Marvel Snap Conquerors tournament.

Screenshot of key art with baby version of Marvel Snap characterslike Deadpool and Storm for Marvel Snap Conquerors news

Second Dinner’s superhero card game is holding an official tournament in the form of the Marvel Snap Conquerors event. With Snap streamers Dekkster and CozySnap on hosting duties, the pair helped Second Dinner announce the upcoming event as well as a long list of popular content creators set to compete. So, if you want to see how the top-tier players pilot the best Marvel Snap decks, this is definitely one for your diary.

The Marvel Snap Conquerors tournament is to stream on the Marvel Snap Twitch channel on August 1, giving you just enough time to load up on snacks for a big streaming session. The tournament features some of the biggest names on the Snap scene, including Dmoney, Eggs, and a personal favorite of the Pocket Tactics team, RegisKillbin. My vote is with Regis, but it’s worth checking out the wider roster to see which faces you recognize.

It’s not just content creators set to benefit from this competition, though. You can head to the official Marvel Snap Conquerors page to vote for your favorite player and pick up 250 credits just for doing so. If your pick wins, there’s a special Spectrum variant in it for you. So, be sure to do your research before choosing who to offer your support to.

While the Marvel Snap Conquerors event marks the first official tournament courtesy of the developer, Second Dinner, many of those participating are more than accustomed to competitive play. Ordinary Harry has already picked up in last year’s unofficial Creator Clash competition in New York, while others have shown off their chops through infinity conquest runs.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the upcoming Marvel Snap Conquerors tournament. For more on Second Dinner’s superpowered CCG, check out our guides to Marvel Snap cards, Marvel Snap bundles, and the Marvel Snap season pass.