Marvel Snap season pass

If you’re trying to get your head around the free and premium versions of the Marvel Snap season pass, we’ve got the only guide you need to make your mind up

Card art for Okoye with her spear for Marvel Snap season pass guide

If you want to load up on credit and gold to add more heroes to your collection, you’re going to want to know about the Marvel Snap season pass. This industry-wide mechanic is perfectly at home in the Marvel card game, and whether you go premium or not, it’s still worth checking out for a few goodies here and there.

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What is the Marvel Snap season pass?

The Marvel Snap season pass allows you access to items like credits, gold, icons, boosters, and card variants for reaching specific levels. You can level up by completing daily challenges, season pass challenges, and playing as much as possible. For every 1000 points you amass, you gain another level, and depending on which version of the battle pass you have, you might earn another reward.

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Marvel Snap free season pass rewards

If you’re just in it for the free season pass, you can check out the levels and rewards for the current season, Warriors of Wakanda, below.

Marvel Snap free season pass level Reward
Two 100 credits
Four 100 gold
Five 200 credits
Seven 15 boosters
Ten 100 credits
13 200 credits
16 15 boosters
17 100 credits
19 100 gold
21 15 boosters
22 100 credits
24 15 boosters
27 Mystery card variant
28 100 credits
31 200 credits
33 100 gold
35 200 credits
39 15 boosters
31 200 credits
43 200 credits
45 500 credits
48  Mystery card variant
51+ Season cache at every level (includes either gold, credits, boosters, or a variant) 

Marvel Snap premium season pass rewards

If you’ve got the spare change to go for the Marvel Snap premium battle pass, you can check off the rewards below as you go.

Marvel Snap premium season pass level Reward
One Black Panther card
Three 15 Black Panther boosters
Six 15 Black Panther boosters
Eight Mystery card variant
11 100 gold
12 Nakia avatar
14 Nakia variant
15 100 gold
18 20 Nakia boosters
20 200 credits
23 20 Nakia boosters
25 200 credits
26 20 Nakia boosters
29 100 gold
30 Okoye avatar
32 20 Okoye boosters
34 20 Okoye boosters
36 Mystery card viant
37 100 gold
38 20 Okoye boosters
40 Okoye variant
42 15 boosters
44 Black Panther card back
46 60 Black Panther boosters
47 Black Panther avatar
49 500 gold
50  Black Panther variant 

With that, you’re up to date on all things Marvel Snap season pass. To catch up on some superhero goings on while you play, check out our Disney Plus download guide.