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The best My Hero Academia games

With our list of the best My Hero Academia games on Nintendo Switch and mobile you can be the superhero (or villain) that you want to be

My Hero Academia games - Izuku ready to fight

There are many titles based on anime franchises out there, but not many give you the chance to actually be a superhero, but the My Hero Academia games do – not surprising really, given what the anime is about. If you’re not familiar with it, MHA is about superheroes, and a school that teaches young up and comers the basics. Unfortunately, the main protagonist stands out due to a distinct lack of powers, but this doesn’t make him less of a hero.

In fact, he’s proof that anyone can save the day, including you, and that’s why we joined Izukuk and co – to kick some butt, take some names, and make the world safe for another day, just we could tell you what the best My Hero Academia games on Nintendo Switch and mobile are.

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Anyway, it’s to lace up your boots, throw on your cap, and get ready to save the world with our picks for the best My Hero Academia games on Switch and mobile.

My Hero Academia games

Three characters ready to fightBuy it here

My Hero One’s Justice – Switch

My Hero One’s Justice is a fighting game, and it features many of your favourite characters from the anime. Naturally, there’s plenty of over the top action that’s sure to please anyone that enjoys a good beat-em-up, and it has the charm that My Hero Academia is known for. Better yet, it follows a storyline from the manga series, but it gives you a chance to get in on the action in a way that you can’t when you read words on a page.

My Hero Academis The Strongest Hero key art

MHA: The Strongest Hero – mobile

Arguably one of the best action RPGs of the anime variety on mobile, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero allows you to play as all of your favourite characters from the show, and explore the open world of Honei. Of course, in a world like this, you’re never short of things to do, and butts to kick. Better yet, you don’t even have to be a hero if you don’t want to be, as your favourite villains are available too – blow up that building, give that wedgie, let out that evil laugh, the world is your oyster.

Izuku performing a kick in My Hero One's Justice 2Buy it here

My Hero One’s Justice 2 – Switch

As the title indicates, this is a sequel to My Hero One’s Justice, and it features practically everything from the first game. However, it does what any good sequel should do, and it builds upon what makes the original so great. Again, it features your favourite characters, but this time the combat feels smoother, the environments are fantastic, and it’s just an all-around treat for any My Hero Academia fan. Again, it follows a storyline from the manga series, so you’re bound to recognise some scenes.

A close up of Izuku

My Hero Ultra Impact – mobile

Yet another mobile RPG, My Hero Ultra Impact differs from The Strongest Hero in that you must build a team of three to take part in battles. The good news is that you can mix and match between heroes and villains, so you can create your dream team – remember to use their quirks to your advantage. Then, in the main quest mode, you get to follow the story of My Hero Academia and revisit classic moments from the anime, and in your downtime, you can hang out at your school or villainous hideout.

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There you have it, the best My Hero Academia titles on Nintendo Switch and mobile. For more great games like this, make sure you check out our best anime games list – it’s full of titles from franchises such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and more.