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Marvel Snap’s Living Tribunal shares power all around the universe

Marvel Snap’s Living Tribunal arrives in Second Dinner’s superhero card game with a unique effect, finally offering a way to spread your power across locations.

custom image of Marvel Snap's Living Tribunal looking at a galaxy in his hand in the depths of space

The last new card of the Guardians Greatest Hits season is arriving today, with Marvel Snap’s Living Tribunal bringing some serious strength into one of our favorite Marvel games. As you expect from a galactic powerhouse like the Living Tribunal, the omnipotent being’s effect makes it a top-tier surprise card, landing at the end of the game to split power among your locations.

For those that don’t know, Living Tribunal’s effect reads ‘ongoing: split your total power evenly among all locations’, offering an ability unique to this god-level character. Sure, it’s a situationally dependent effect, but combine it with cards like Iron Man, who doubles power at a single location, or Professor X, who locks an opponent out of a specific location, and there’s plenty of space for meta movers and shakers.

While Living Tribunal’s own power ranking isn’t that impressive, landing in the game as a six-cost six-power card, this sharing effect is one that is hard to counter unless you know it’s coming. Even Enchantress, known for her ability to shut down ongoing cards, has a hard time taking on Living Tribunal, requiring you to play her on the exact lane your opponent plays Living Tribunal in turn six while revealing first. So, just like in the comics, there’s no way of escaping the grasp of this galactic threat. Well, except Galactus.

As ever, this new card arrives in Marvel Snap for the cost of 6,000 collector’s tokens. Whether it’s worth it depends on your style of play and the cards already in your roster, but we still recommend picking up last week’s fresh addition, Marvel Snap’s High Evolutionary, first.

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With that, you’re up to date on Marvel Snap’s Living Tribunal making contact with the rest of the heroes and villains. For more superpowered antics, check out our Marvel Snap decks and Marvel Snap cards guides. Or, if you’re more of a fighter, see our list of all the Mortal Kombat 1 characters.