Marvel Snap’s Spider-Ham brings the porky pain

Marvel Snap’s Spider-Ham is now available in Marvel Snap, with an ability that turns your opponent’s prize cards into plain old pigs.

Screenshot of the Marvel Snap Spider-Ham art with the pig swinging towards a donut

Marvel Snap’s Spider-Ham, the piggy equivalent to Spider-Man, is finally available in Second Dinner’s superhero CCG. Arriving as part of the Spider-Versus season, this porky protagonist from countless other Marvel games has an ability that is sure to aggravate your opponent, forcing them to swap cards in their hands for more pigs.

As a one-cost one-power card, Spider-Ham doesn’t have too much in the way of physical prowess, but his tech effect easily makes up for that. The spider-swine’s ability reads as ‘Transform the highest-cost card in your opponent’s hand into a Pig, keeping its Power and Cost’. As you can imagine, playing Spider-Ham and removing the abilities of cards like Knull, Devil Dinosaur, Ultron, and more, really puts a dent in your opponent’s plans.

In terms of deck suggestions, Spider-Ham works perfectly in a bounce deck, with Falcon and Beast bringing him back into your hand to transform another of your opponent’s cards. The piggy Spider-Man multiversal variant also serves well in a general tech deck, combining with cards like Shang-Chi and Enchantress to shut down enemy combos.

For the first time ever, this new Marvel Snap card arrives in the game as a member of series four, meaning you only need to spend 3,000 collector’s tokens to add it to your collection. So, if you’re a bounce or tech deck player, it’s well worth picking this one up while it’s still in the weekly spotlight tab of the shop.

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