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Marvel Snap’s Spider-Man 2099 brings the fight from the future

Marvel Snap’s Spider-Man 2099 is here to bring a new destructive dimension to move decks, teaming up with Ghost Spider, Heimdall, and more.

Key art for Marvel Snap's Spider-Man 2099 with the future hero zipping into action

A hero from the future has arrived in Second Dinner’s superhero card game, with Marvel Snap’s Spider-Man 2099 swinging into action. Landing as the final new addition in the Spider-Versus season from across the multiverse and other Marvel games, this web-slinger is ready to shake up the meta with an effect that gives move decks a new destructive combo.

Spider-Man 2099 arrives as a four-cost six-power card, with its effect reading ‘the first time this moves to a location, destroy an enemy card there’. This explosive move effect makes Spider-Man 2099 a perfect partner for Ghost Spider, who moves the last card you played, or Iron Fist, who moves the next one. There’s also a combo with Heimdall, moving future Spidey over and destroying an enemy card on the final turn.

Like Spider-Ham, Spider-Man 2099 lands in Marvel Snap as a series four with a cost of 3000 collector’s tokens. Whether he’s worth the resources is entirely dependent on how much you enjoy playing move decks, as he’s incredibly useful in one, but lacks any combos outside of the archetype.

The addition of Spider-Man 2099 marks the end of the Spider-Versus season, with Spider-Ham, Ghost-Spider, and Silk all arriving during the event. It looks like the next season is all about the X-Men again, with Jean Grey set to finally arrive on the scene alongside some other much-loved missing mutants.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the arrival of Marvel Snap’s Spider-Man 2099. For more in-game tips and tricks, check out our guides to Marvel Snap cards, Marvel Snap bundles, and Marvel Snap decks.