MCoC’s February 2024 update is filled to the brim with festivities

The Marvel Contest of Champions February 2024 content update celebrates love, luck, heritage, and, of course, awesomely strong superheroes.

MCoC February 2024: Ironheart from MCoC outlined in white and pasted on a blurred screenshot from the game

Marvel Contest of Champions’ February 2024 update is sure to warm your heart as it introduces two new champions and an array of seasonal events both in-game and on social media. Who knew that the Battlerealm also celebrates Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, and Lunar New Year?

Firstly, MCoC welcomes two fresh heroes to the Battlerealm – Ironheart (on February 15) and Dust (on February 29). Ironheart (AKA Riri Williams) already appears in one of the other best Marvel games, Marvel Snap. She’s a genius engineer, getting into MIT at just 15 years old and making a robotic suit that’s remarkably similar to Tony Stark’s. Sooraya Qadir, or Dust, is a member of the X-Men who can create and manipulate sandstorms at will.

February marks Black History Month in the US, and MCoC is celebrating by spotlighting iconic Black heroes on their social media pages each week, starting with Riri herself, as well as Sam Wilson’s Captain America. Riri’s also getting involved in Valentine’s Day, asking you to ‘Listen To Your Ironheart’ in a special event in-game.

Lunar New Year is just around the corner, so in the holiday’s spirit of giving, MCoC is giving away virtual Red Envelopes containing lucky rewards, as well as running a giveaway for a free copy of Ironheart. Make sure you don’t miss out – it may be a leap year, but February’s still the shortest month.

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That’s everything you need to know about Marvel Contest of Champions’ February 2024 update. If you need help building your team, check out our MCoC tier list next. For more superhero action, we’ve got lists of the best Spider-Man games, Batman games, and DC games to help you find your next adventure.