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Milky Way Cookie abilities and appearance

Milky Way Cookie is a small but tough Charge type cookie, a conductor of starlight and dreams who isn’t afraid to deal and take damage in equal measure.

Cooke Run Kingdom's Charge character, Milky Way Cookie

She may look dainty, adorable, and totally innocent, but Milky Way Cookie is far from it. Behind this teeny tiny cutie patootie is a potential powerhouse of healing and tanking, but is she as good as her other fellow Charge cookies? We’ll dive into all the information about Cookie Run: Kingdom’s latest cookie in this guide, including all of her stats and abilities.

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Who is Milky Way Cookie?

Milky Way Cookie is the latest cookie to arrive in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and she’s the newest Charge cookie on the roster. She’s an itty bitty cookie with pure white dough and purple eyes full of stars, and she has white, floor-length hair bundled into adorable twintails, with a Star Jelly in each and colorful highlights.

Since she’s the conductor of the Sugarcloud Express, she wears a black conductor’s hat and a black uniform with puffy sleeves decorated with gold stars. She takes her job seriously, and one sprinkle of her star powder is enough to send you into a vibrant, colorful dreamworld. Just make a wish on a star, hop aboard, and Milky Way Cookie will lull you into a peaceful, dream-filled slumber.

She’s an epic cookie that Devsisters released during the Invitation From The Slumbering Moon event, alongside Moonlight Cookie. She was reportedly only meant to be an NPC in Cookie Run: Kingdom, but given how adorable she is, it’s no wonder she was included on the official line-up. She was the game’s first-ever gacha banner rerun, although this may have been due to the fact she was an integral part of the Crunchy Dreams Event, which was still running by the time her gacha banner expired.

Chibi art of Milky Way Cookie standing beside the Sugarcloud Express train

Milky Way Cookie abilities and play style

Milky Way Cookie has quite a complex skill, so we’re going to break down everything you need to know in order to get the most out of this cute cookie. Firstly, when you cast her skill the whole team is buffed with stun resistance and DMG resistance, and this is where her tankiness comes into play. She then knocks enemies back several times by dealing a defense reduction debuff as well as damage.

Once she’s finished up, Milky Way Cookie then casts a shield over your whole team, while she’s using her skill she becomes resistant to interrupting effects. Since she resides in the World of Dreams, Milky Way Cookie can’t succumb to the Beckoning Dreams and Dream of Doom effects.

As we said before, if she’s used correctly, she can be a pretty tanky powerhouse. Small but mighty is the name of the game with Milky Way Cookie, and since she has a self-healing ability that only adds to her tankiness, it’s understandable that she falls into the front position in most set-ups.

Let’s take a look at the numbers for her abilities.

  • Self-healing: heals herself for 57.7% of her ATK
  • Locomotive Charge deals periodic damage for 12 ticks over two seconds
  • Locomotive Charge deals extra damage when the target has a shield
  • Locomotive Charge single hit defense reduction: -3.5% for seven seconds, and bosses get triple hits stacking to 25 seconds
  • Single hit damage on Cookies: 114.1% damage
  • Single hit damage on others: 38% damage
  • Damage Resist: Milky Way Cookie resists 40% of damage for ten seconds
  • Stun Resistance: Stun duration for ten seconds at -50%
  • HP Shield on self blocks 20% of Max HP for three seconds
  • HP Shield on allies blocks 15.5% of Max HP for three seconds
  • Passive: 15% buff to healing received

Milky Way Cookie has become a fan favorite thanks to how adorable – and not-so-secretly powerful – she is, and fans are already rallying for a Milky Way Cookie plush to add to their collection. We’re sure we’ll be seeing plenty more of this dreamy cookie as the meta shifts, and if you’re after even more sweet treats, check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list and reroll guide. If you’re after some freebies, be sure to check out our list of Cookie Run: Kingdom codes to bag yourself some extras.