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Minecraft Legends multiplayer

Our Minecraft Legends multiplayer guide is breaking down everything you need to know about the latest block-based title, and how to share the fun with friends.

Minecraft Legends multiplayer: a player appears on horseback in a Minecraft world

Minecraft is a titan of the gaming industry, firmly marking its place in history with monumental sales and steady popularity well over a decade since its original release. So, it’s no wonder that Mojang wants to explore the world further, and Minecraft Legends looks like a fun new twist on the formula. Even better, Minecraft Legends multiplayer means you can share the fun with your friends.

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Let’s walk down the block into our Minecraft Legends multiplayer guide.

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Is Minecraft Legends multiplayer?

Yes, Minecraft Legends has multiplayer support for both cooperative and PvP modes. Cooperative allows friends to drop into your session or vice-versa, working together to build structures and expand your party. PvP sees two teams of four battle it out in eight-player competitive matches. Build and defend your structures, or work to take down your opponents in thrilling online matches.

Is there crossplay in Minecraft Legends multiplayer?

Yes, Minecraft Legends features crossplay between Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation, and PC. Meaning wherever your friends are playing, you can join them in battle.

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