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Monopoly Go Anniversary Treasures rewards

Continue celebrating the mobile game’s birthday in the Monopoly Go Anniversary Treasures event where uncovering relics is your goal.

Monopoly Go Anniversary Bash (1) - a character from the game surrounded by dice

Every so often we get events in Monopoly Go that require us to unearth treasures hidden in the sand, the mud, or the… cake. The Monopoly Go Anniversary Treasures celebrates the game’s first anniversary by getting you to dig up relics out of cake-like boards, and then rake in the rewards.

To get you going, we’ve got today’s free Monopoly Go dice, and how to get some Monopoly Go shields to protect your board. If you find yourself with extra Monopoly Go stickers, perhaps you could send them to a friend you find in the Monopoly Go Discord server?

When is the Monopoly Go Anniversary Treasures event?

The Monopoly Go Anniversary Treasures event is on in the game now and runs until April 20, 2024. You can find it by hitting the button with a pink shovel on it on the right-hand side of the screen.

What is the Anniversary Treasures event?

The Anniversary Treasures event in Monopoly Go is a simple event that requires you to collect pickaxes as you roll around the board, and then use them to excavate required items on boards laid out in the event’s tab. This time it’s not dirt or stone, but cake that you have to dig through.

The more treasures you uncover, the more rewards you get, including cash, dice, and a wild sticker. The event runs alongside the Monopoly Go Anniversary Bash, where you can earn more picks to use.

Monopoly Go Anniversary Treasures rewards

Here is a full list of all the rewards you can get in the Anniversary Treasures event. There are 20 levels to complete in total.

Level Reward
One 50 dice
Two Cash
Three 100 dice
Four 200 dice, a sticker pack, and cash
Five Cash
Six 200 dice
Seven Cash
Eight 300 dice
Nine 400 dice, five pickaxes, and cash
Ten Sticker pack
11 250 dice
12 Anniversary Elegance shield design
13 350 dice
14 Sticker pack
15 400 dice
16 Tiara shape player token
17 15 pickaxes
18 500 dice
19 Cash
20 Wild Sticker, 2.5k dice, and cash

You can get more than what’s listed here – this is the minimum size of the rewards. If your level is higher, you may get more than the listed amounts of dice and cash.

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