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Monopoly Go shields

Here’s how to get Monopoly Go shields in Scopely’s free mobile game, and protect the Landmarks you work so hard to build.

The Monopoly Man surrounded by different Monopoly Go shields

If you’re new to the game, or still getting to grips with all the goings-on, we’re here to explain what Monopoly Go shields are and how you can stock up on them, and protect your Landmarks. There are also shield skins to collect and display to other players.

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Scroll on to find out how to get Monopoly Go shields.

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What are Monopoly Go shields?

Thankfully, in Monopoly Go, you can collect an item known as shields. This is a good thing as they protect the landmarks you’ve got on your current board. Having shields stops other players’ attacks, and therefore saves you money on repairs. Each attack consumes one shield.

You can only hold a few shields at once, so make sure to check back and keep playing in order to refill your stores.

How do I get Monopoly Go shields?

To get more shields, you must land on a tile that has a shield icon on it. These appear randomly on property tiles as you roll your way around the Monopoly game board. When you pick one up, another appears elsewhere on the board. If you happen to pick up more shields than you can hold, each extra shield turns into dice, giving you an extra move.

A Monopoly Go shields showcase in the game

What Monopoly Go shield skins are there?

Scopely added shield skins to the game in September 2023, adding another level of customization for players. They’re a little hard to get, though. You can get shield skins by completing events and earning top placement in tournaments – usually within the top five players. For now, you can’t get any previous designs of shields.

You can display the shield skins you have in the Shield Showroom, which you can find by clicking the shields icon, through the user interface view, or by clicking any 3D shields you currently have.

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