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All the Monopoly Go Cold Snap rewards

Monopoly Go’s Cold Snap event is dishing out some sweet prizes despite the chilly weather, and here are all the rewards you can get.

Monopoly Go Cold Snap - Mr Monopoly and his dog walking through a hallway

It’s chilly outside seemingly everywhere at the moment – even in our favorite games. The Monopoly Go Cold Snap rewards from this brand-new event can warm us up, though, with some fierce dice-rolling fun.

Keep your winning streak going with plenty of free Monopoly Go dice. By the way, here’s how to find some more Monopoly Go stickers to fill your albums and how to send Monopoly Go stars to your friends inside the game.

All the Monopoly Go Cold Snap rewards

Here’s a full list of every reward you can earn in this week’s Cold Snap event.

Cold Snap task level Points needed Reward
One 25  Sticker pack
Two 20  Seven Peg-E tokens
Three 40 25 dice
Four 45 Cash
Five 150 90 dice
Six 40 Ten Peg-E tokens
Seven 50 15-minute rent frenzy
Eight 55 Sticker pack
Nine 65 Cash
Ten 375 220 dice
11 60 15 Peg-E tokens
12 75 Cash
13 90 Sticker pack
14 80 20 Peg-E tokens
15 100 10-minute cash grab
16 850 475 dice
17 100 Sticker pack
18 110 Cash
19 120 90 dice
20 115 35 Peg-E tokens
21 1.3k 700 dice
22 150 Sticker pack
23 160 Cash
24 175 55 Peg-E tokens
25 200 Cash
26 2k 900 dice
27 275 Sticker pack
28 300 Ten-minute high roller
29 325 85 Peg-E tokens
30 400 100 dice
31 1.6k Cash
32 450 150 dice
33 500 105 Peg-E tokens
34 650 Cash
35 750 Five-minute Rent wheel boost
36 4.5k 1.8k dice
37 800 125 Peg-E tokens
38 900 Cash
39 1k Sticker pack
40 1.5k Cash
41 10k 3.5k dice
42 1.6k Sticker pack
43 1.7k 20-minute high roller
44 1.8k 170 Peg-E tokens
45 7k Cash
46 2k 800 dice
47 3k Sticker pack
48 3.5k 210 Peg-E tokens
49 4k Cash
50 17k 7.5k dice and a purple sticker pack
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What is the Monopoly Go Cold Snap event?

The very on-topic Cold Snap event is really easy to play. As you roll your dice and head around the board, you can pick up snowflakes on chance, community chest, and railroad tiles. These snowflakes add up as points, which unlock level after level of rewards. Remember, if you roll with a multiplier on, you’ll snap up more flakes at once.

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