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Monopoly Go Fountain Partners rewards

Splash into action in the Monopoly Go Fountain Partners event and grab all of the excellent rewards available while you work with your friends.

Monopoly Go Fountain Partners- the Monopoly Man in a garden next to a fountain

What’s better than Monopoly Go? Working with friends to get more prizes, that’s what. This month’s partner event is here – the Monopoly Go Fountain Partners event is on now, and we’ve got all the rewards listed below.

Here are all of today’s free Monopoly Go dice, and how to get even more rolls to pad your pockets. You’ll need some Monopoly Go shields to go with them – what’s that? Not sure what that is? Check out our Monopoly Go wiki for a quick explanation.

When is the Monopoly Go Fountain Partners event?

The Monopoly Go Fountain Partners event is on now and runs until April 11, giving you plenty of time to craft some garden ornaments with other players.

What is the Fountain Partners event?

Partner events in Monopoly Go allow you to work with up to four other players, to create an item – in this case, it’s a garden fountain.

To build the fountains, you submit coins you collect as you land on tiles on your board. You can also get them by doing quick wins each day, and from other events currently running.

Each fountain has five levels to pass – which have rewards, of course – and need a total of 80k points to complete. That’s 320k points for all four, so you might need to get a move on and build them up quickly.

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Monopoly Go Fountain Partners rewards

Here are the rewards you can get for each fountain you build in the partners’ event:

Points required Reward
2.5k 200 dice
6k Cash
13k 200 dice, cash, and ten minutes of cash grab
26.5k 300 dice, sticker pack, and ten minutes of high roller
32.5k 400 dice, cash, sticker pack, and 15 minutes of sticker boom

You can get more than what’s listed here, this is the minimum size of the rewards. If your level is higher, you may get more than 200, 300, or 400 dice.

If you complete all four fountains with your chosen partners, here’s the grand prize you can get your hands on:

  • 5k dice, a Clam Shell Mr. M token, and a sticker pack

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