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Monopoly Go wiki - what each event means

Looking for a Monopoly Go Wiki to explain all the in-game events and boosts? We’ve got you covered with our easy-to-follow guide.

Monopoly Go wiki - the Monopoly Man on a red background with a question mark next to him

Our Monopoly Go wiki can help you figure out what’s going on in the game. We all know you take part in tournaments – both passively and actively – while you play, and can earn tons more money by rolling your dice with a multiplier, but all the small events and pop-ups can get confusing. That’s where our very own Monopoly Go glossary-turned-wiki guide comes in.

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The Pocket Tactics Monopoly Go wiki

There’s a lot going on in Monopoly Go, so we’ve pulled together an explainer of all the different boosts, buffs, and fun things that pop up. These quick little events are extra bits of gameplay that can trigger as you land on certain spots around the board, or as rewards for taking part in tournaments.

Bank heist

A bank heist pops up when you land on a railroad spot. Here, you must match three tiles to steal money from another player. There are three levels of heist including small, medium, and large, and whichever you get depends on the tiles you uncover on the board.

Board Rush

Completing boards by fully building landmarks during this event will net you extra rewards.

Builder Bash

When this is active, all landmarks you build are at a discount – that means you get more build for your buck on your current board and can afford to raise your level higher in one go.

Cash boost

This is a passive event that means you earn more money from landing on property tiles, rolling doubles, or any other way you usually make money.

Cash grab

This quick event pops up with the Monopoly man firing money from two guns and requires you to tap bank notes as they appear on each side of your screen. Each note you grab gets you more money at the end. It lasts for a few seconds and can net you a sweet profit.

Monopoly Go wiki - High Roller artwork showing the logo between two lightning bolts

High roller

The high roller event takes place in the background as you play. You can increase your multipliers – the amount of dice you use at once – up to 1,000. This massively increases the rewards you get but does burn through your stash very quickly. No risk, no reward, as they say.

Landmark Rush

Similar to the Board Rush, each time you build the final upgrade on any landmark, you get extra rewards.

Mega Heist

In this particular game mode, any heist you attempt on another player’s bank has a chance to become a Mega Heist, where rewards are even bigger than usual.

Rent frenzy

This is another passive event that allows you to get extra rent targets on your board. This means that there are more chances to earn rent from your friends as they move around the boards – which also means more money.

Shut down

Similar to the bank heists, a shut down appears when you land on a railroad tile. Another player’s current board appears, and you must choose a property to smash, earning you money. If the player currently has shields protecting their board, you will earn less.

Sticker boom

The sticker boom event takes place from time to time during the game, and increases the amount of cards you get from each pack – it’s a great time to fill up those albums with missing Monopoly Go stickers!

Wheel boost

Another fun event that pops up is wheel boost. This happens when you complete a set of properties and then land on a space with a hotel. Basically, you can spin the color wheel twice, which means you get extra prizes.

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What’s the best Monopoly Go wiki page?

In our experience, there aren’t many explanation pages in one place, but if you’re looking for information about all the current events then MonopolyGo.wiki is your best bet.

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