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Monopoly Go Martian Treasures rewards

Check out all the Monopoly Go Martian Treasures rewards available in Scopely’s current treasure-hunting event, running alongside a passive tournament.

monopoly go martian treasures - a lady in a space suit holding a laser gun

Grab your shovels and head into Monopoly Go Martian Treasures, the next archaeology-inspired event where you can unearth plenty of rewards alongside your usual rolls around the board. Here, we’ll explain where to get tokens, and what each board gives you as prizes for digging up the different items.

Here are today’s free Monopoly Go dice to add to your stash. Check our Monopoly Go wiki to learn what all the different events are, and then get some Monopoly Go shields to protect your landmarks.

When is the Monopoly Go Martian Treasures event?

The Monopoly Go Martian Treasures event is on now and runs until June 10, 2024. This means you have the entire weekend to chip away at the treasure hunt and get all the juicy rewards listed below.

What is the Martian Treasures event?

Martian Treasures takes place alongside your usual board, and you can find the event by clicking the laser gun icon on the right side of the screen. Here, you use the specific event tokens to unearth treasures on a set of boards. You can get more event tokens in the current Monopoly Go Mars Metropolis passive tournament, too. You get more points the more you unearth, which unlocks some excellent rewards.

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Monopoly Go Martian Treasures rewards

When you complete each level of a robot with your partner, you unlock a set of rewards. There are five levels in total, and here are the rewards you get. Note that the amount of dice you receive may be higher depending on your level in the game.

Level Reward
One 50 dice
Two Cash
Three 100 dice
Four Sticker pack
Five 150 dice
Six Five treasure event tokens, and cash
Seven 175 dice
Eight Sticker pack
Nine 200 dice
Ten Cash
11 Martian Runes shield
12 250 dice
13 Sticker pack
14 Ten treasure event tokens and cash
15 300 dice
16 1k dice and a sticker pack
17 Cash
18 150 dice
19 17 treasure event tokens, cash, and a sticker pack
20 Peg-E Rover board piece token
21 250 dice
22 Sticker pack
23 400 dice
24 Cash
25 3k dice, cash, and a wild sticker

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