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Monster Hunter Rise guide - details on the new features

A handy Monster Hunter Rise guide for beginners

Two hunters, alongside a palamute and a palico, draw weapons and charge at an angry Magnamalo

The amount of content in Monster Hunter Rise is likely overwhelming for those of you new to the series. From the huge number of hunts to complete, to the brand new features that see you swinging through the air with a wirebug or riding on the back of an adorable palamute, there’s a lot to know.

Our Monster Hunter Rise guide will provide some handy tips, tricks, and hints to help you get started in Kamura Village and out in the field on your first hunt. We will also provide you with some details on what the new features are all about and the best ways to utilise them.

We will update this page with more information soon. So, whether you’re a new fan who needs to learn the basics of the hunt, or returning and need some help mastering Monster Hunter Rise’s new quirks, read on to learn everything you need to know.

What weapon should I use?

There are 14 Monster Hunter Rise weapons to choose from, so picking the one that’s right for you is a daunting task. There isn’t a handy quiz you can take to find out which weapon is best, so we recommend heading over to the training area in Kamura Village for assistance.

Three palico offering some food to you

Use the convenient item box in the training area to swap between each starter weapon, then go to town on the training dummy or moving targets. Don’t worry too much about committing to a weapon, if you finish up a couple of hunts and feel like the weapon you chose isn’t for you, swap to another one and see if the vibe feels right.

How do I use the wirebug?

If you’re having trouble mastering the nifty new tool, take a look at our in-depth Monster Hunter Rise wirebug guide. We provide details on the basic controls, how to use them in combat, as well as some handy tips.

What is a palamute?

The palamute is a brand new dog companion that you can ride, take into combat, and even scratch behind the ears if you feel so inclined. We created a handy Monster Hunter Rise palamute guide that covers everything you need to know about the certified good boy.

monster hunter rise palamute

What monsters will I encounter?

You will come across over 50 monsters during your time with Rise. Some are small and easy to take down, others will take require a battle of epic proportions. To find the full list, head over to our Monster Hunter Rise monsters page.

As mentioned above, we will update this guide with even more helpful information soon, so keep this page bookmarked. If you’re on the fence about picking the game up, take a look at our Monster Hunter Rise review for our thoughts.