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How to beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise

Magnamalo’s weaknesses and tactics explained, and all the materials it can yield

The huge purple monster Magnamalo holds a smaller monster in it's mouth

Want to know how to defeat Magnamalo? The signature monster of Monster Hunter Rise is a formidable foe that has some incredibly nasty attacks. It’s one of the tougher Monster Hunter Rise monsters you’ll face in the game, and quite rightly so.

This is because it has access to the Hellfireblight status ailment. It’s unique to Magnamalo, and it will cause an explosion if you trigger it by attacking while it’s primed. Magnamalo has many ways that it can inflict this nasty status ailment on hunters, not least of which via its tail that it waves around like a magical staff. On top of that, Magnamalo also has attacks that it uses while in its berserk state that can, no joke, kill a player in one hit at full health if they’re not careful.

To beat Magnamalo, you will need to know everything about it. We have a list of all its stats, descriptions of its vulnerabilities and its resistances, and tactics for beating this tough opponent. We will also have a breakdown of all the components that you can harvest from this fearsome creature.

Monster Hunter World Magnamalo strengths and weaknesses

Monster Hunter Rise now includes this very handy table for every monster to show how weak or resistant to attacks they are. They’re divided into separate body parts and show the defence value for each part against the weapon that’s dealing damage to that part.


Blade Blunt Ranged Fire Water Thunder Ice Dragon
Head 55 55 30 0 15 10 5 0
Torso 25 25 5 0 20 15 5 0
Foreleg 38 38 20 0 20 15 5 0
Armblade 45 45 45 0 10 10 5 0
Back 30 43 15 0 15 10 5 0
Hind Leg 38 38 20 0 25 20 5 0
Tail 43 30 10 0 15 10 5 0
Tailblade 45 45 45 0 10 10 5 0

Magnamalo ailment effectiveness

  • Poison: Light
  • Stun: Light
  • Paralysis: Light
  • Sleep: Light
  • Blast: Immune
  • Exhaust: Light
  • Fireblight: Light
  • Waterblight: Medium
  • Thunderblight: Light
  • Iceblight: Light

You can get more information about the specifics by looking at the Hunter’s Notes and the ailments tab, but we’ve discovered a few things that might help. Despite only having light general effectiveness, you can stun Magnamalo rather quickly compared to the other status ailments.

Magnamalo is also very susceptible to being paralysed again once it has been paralysed once. Sleep lasts the longest out of all the status ailments, so may be worth considering using. As for the blights, Waterblight is by far the most useful as it will last the longest out of the four.

The hunter is running away from the Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise, as it's about to pounce.

How to hunt Magnamalo

Here are some general tips for hunting Magnamalo, including how to avoid Magnamalo’s most devastating attacks:

  • Getting hit by the majority of Magnamalo’s attacks will inflict Hellfireblight. This nasty status ailment will explode if you manage to ignite it with your attacks, dealing a huge chunk of damage to you if you’re still affected by this status. Wiredash away to rid yourself of this status, or use a Deodorant.
  • When its tail is in the air, it will fling many fireballs. Getting hit by these will inflict or detonate the Hellfireblight status ailment, so either stick close to avoid them or dodge them as they come near you.
  • If it points its tail towards you, it’ll make an attempt to stab you with it. Dodge sideways to avoid it.
  • Sometimes when it slams its tail to the ground, it’ll get stuck briefly. This is a good chance to get some damage on the tail and potentially chop off the tip.
  • If it roars and stands on its hind legs, Magnamalo will then trigger some purple clouds to explode. These appear all around it, so make sure you’re out of the blast range.
  • If its mouth begins glowing, that’s the sign that Magnamalo is in its first enraged state. Its attacks are more powerful and more savage in this state.
  • Similarly, when Magnamalo’s back begins to glow purple, it’ll be in its second enraged state where its regular attacks are also augmented with Hellfireblight.
  • Be very careful if Magnamalo turns its side to you while you’re far away. It will leap into the air before hurtling down to your position. This attack can one shot you if you’re not careful, so either dodge or use a Wirebug to leap away.
  • If you see Magnamalo swing its tail in the air and there are swirls, get ready to dodge. It can shoot a powerful blast that has a huge range straight in front of it.
  • If your character yells “incoming” while Magnamalo’s in its enraged state, it will then charge straight at you, flinging you into the air if it connects. It will then divebomb you if you do nothing, which will knock you out, so make sure to use the Wirebug to get away if you are hit by the charge.
  • As with most difficult hunts, taking control of other monsters gives you a huge advantage. If a monster stuns Magnamalo first, leap onto it and use the launch command to charge into the other monster. You can then use that monster to inflict more damage.
    If its spikes are up, it’s close to death, but it will also have faster and more powerful attacks.

Magnamalo materials

Finally, here’s a list of all of the drop rates for materials you can get from a slain or captured Magnamalo to use to craft the Sinister Monster Hunter Rise armor and Magnamalo themed Monster Hunter Rise weapons:

Low rank materials

Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewardss Carves Dropped
Magnamalo Scale 17% N/A 20% 26% 31%
Magnamalo Shell 29% 37% N/A 21% 26%
Magnamalo Blade 21% N/A 80% 16% N/A
Magnamalo Scute 7% 19% 80% N/A 8%
Magnamalo Tail 8% 15% N/A 80% N/A
Magna Ghostprism 16% N/A 20% 26% 35%
Magnamalo Plate 2% 3% 3% 1% 1%
Magnamalo Horn N/A 26% 97% N/A N/A
Wyvern Tear N/A N/A N/A N/A 50%


Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carves Dropped
Magnamalo Scale+ 18% N/A 20% 34% 30%
Magnamalo Shell+ 30% 35% N/A 20% 26%
Magnamalo Blade+ 22% N/A 80% 16% N/A
Magnamalo Scute+ 8% 18% 80% N/A 8%
Magnamalo Tail N/A 14% N/A 75% N/A
Magna Soulprism  16% N/A 20% 26% 35%
Magnamalo Plate 5% 5% 5% 5% 3%
Magnamalo Horn+ 1% 3% 3% 3% 1%
Wyvern Tear N/A N/A N/A N/A 15%
Large Wyvern Tear N/A N/A N/A N/A 35%

With that, you should have everything you need in order to beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise. If you are still looking for general tips, why not check out our Monster Hunter Rise guide. Alternatively, we also have a more focused guide on how to use Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs, as well as one for every one of the Monster Hunter Rise skills.