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Marvel Future Revolution creator Netmarble US joins Kabam

Two mobile giants are joining forces as Netmarble US becomes part of the Kabam family

Sersei and Star Lord

Exciting times lay ahead if you’re a Marvel fan and enjoy mobile games, as Netmarble US is joining Kabam, two studios known for their superhero titles. You might recognise the latter for Marvel Contest of Champions, a mobile fighting game that features more than 200 Marvel characters, meaning you can put together some of your dream battles. The fact it has a compelling narrative doesn’t hurt either.

As for the other party in the Netmarble US Kabam merger, it’s known for a couple of games set in Stan Lee’s universe. The first is 2015’s Marvel Future Fight, while the second, Marvel Future Revolution, hit mobile devices last year, and it’s proven to be a success since its launch, offering you an open world full of well-designed RPG elements. It also features a couple of heroes rarely seen in Marvel games – Doctor Strange and Magik – which helps it stand out.

However, Netmarble US is also known for Lineage II Revolution and Seven Knights II, which makes the company a force to be reckoned with in the RPG genre. Our Marvel Future Revolution review and Seven Knights 2 review can attest to that.

As part of the merger, Netmarble US’ former president, Simon Sim, is to become Kabam’s new chief operations officer. As such, he’ll continue to lead the Los Angeles-based studio, while also being responsible for the teams in Montreal and Acadia.

“I am excited to be joining the Kabam team and appreciate their passion for creating games to entertain the world. I look forward to getting to know all of the teams and working closely with them to help shape an exciting future for Kabam,” Sim says.

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When will Netmarble US join Kabam?

Netmarble US will work under Kabam as of March 1, bringing together two experienced mobile games companies.

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