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Danganronpa creator hints that a new game is in the works

The creator of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, Danganronpa V3, and World’s End Club took to Twitter to hint that a new game is in the works.

New Kodaka game - artwork of Kodaka holding his hands up with Monokuma in front of him, Yuma from Master Detective Archives: Rain Code to the left of the image, and Tribe Nine's Kamiya Shun to the right of the image

If you love to dabble in the dark side as much as we do, it’s highly likely that you’re familiar with the work of Kazutaka Kodaka. A master in his craft, the Japanese videogame designer, writer, and mangaka is best known as the creator of the iconic Danganronpa series, Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, and World’s End – so it’s no surprise that we, along with many other fans, are beyond excited to hear that he’s planning on releasing another game soon.

In a quote tweet response to a fan stating “can’t wait for your next game”, Kazutaka Kodaka simply replied “coming soon!!!!!” and, honestly, that’s all it took to get us all chomping at the bit and conjuring up ideas as to what Too Kyo Games masterpiece we’ll get to explore next. Could it be another sequel to the Danganronpa games? Perhaps a follow-up on the deliciously dark detective game that earned a solid place on our 2023 Switch games of the year list?

Well, unfortunately, as much as we and many people in the replies would love to see a Danganronpa 4 release date in the future, the conclusion of V3 really did make it seem as though the series had drawn to a close. But don’t get too glum, as there’s still hope for Hope’s Peak Academy – in our interview with Kodaka he did suggest that he wants to work on more Danganronpa in the future.

He also confirmed that he would like to release a sequel to Rain Code at some point, which would certainly make sense following the game’s open ending. We’d love to know what happens to Yuma next (and, of course, I’d welcome anything that allows me to spend more time with the stunning and sassy Shinigami – a girl can dream).

However, while there’s definitely a chance that we’ll get to revisit both of these worlds in the future, we think it’s likely that Kodaka’s tweet is, in fact, referring to Tribe Nine.

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If you’re unfamiliar, Tribe Nine is a multimedia franchise that’s been in the works since 2020. So far, we’ve seen a 12-episode anime series, which aired from January to March 2022 and is now available to stream on Crunchyroll. But Too Kyoo Games has also confirmed that it’s collaborating with mobile publisher Akatsuki to release a Tribe Nine game in the future.

On August 18, 2023, Akatsuki Games held an online presentation, revealing more details about the upcoming project. Here, we learned that it’s a 3D action RPG set in the dystopian, futuristic world of Neo-Tokyo, and that it’s set to release on iOS, Android, and PC via Steam in the future. To find out more about the setting, gameplay, and other juicy details, be sure to check out our Tribe Nine release date guide, as we’re keeping a close eye on this one.

A screenshot of the quote tweet from Kodaka hinting that a new game is coming soon, surrounded with characters from Kodaka's popular IPs

So, as much as we can’t help but daydream about a new Danganronpa or Master Detective Archives 2, we’re still pretty darn excited to dive into Tribe Nine and get involved in a game of extreme baseball in the neon-lit streets of this futuristic cityscape. Because, regardless of what it is, we have faith that Kodaka and Too Kyo Games’ next project will be yet another master(detective)piece.

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