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Nexomon starter - who you should pick

Choose your favourite Nexomon starter with our helpful guide

All of the starter Nexomon

You’re likely familiar with monster collecting games thanks to the likes of Pokémon, but there’s another series out there that offers you many creatures of all shapes and sizes, and that’s Nexomon. Also, like Pokémon, Nexomon gives you different options for a starter monster, one that’s with you from the very beginning of your journey. A Nexomon for you to share many battles, adventures, trials, and tribulations with. Choose wisely. You can’t go back on this decision without starting a new game.

In our Nexomon starter guide, we go over each of the starting options that Nexomon Extinction provides you with. Naturally, they all fall under a different type – water, fire, normal, electric, ghost, psychic, wind, mineral, and plant. There’s pros and cons to each Nexomon. While one may prove more useful straight out the gate, others have powerful evolutions that can turn the tide of battle when facing formidable foes later in the game. Then you have to consider which element is your favourite, what sort of team you wish to build, and which is the cutest. Okay, you don’t have to go by adorableness, but we do.

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Without further ado, here are all of the Nexomon starters.

Close up of Noki


The first starter Nexomon is Noki, and it’s a water type. Honestly, for an early game Nexomon, this heroic little bird is a solid choice with a speed that can outmatch other first stage Nexomon.

Health Attack Defence Speed Stamina
9 10 7 11 5

Noki has two evolutions:

  • Vainok – evolves from Noki at level 17
  • Hainok – evolves from Vainok at level 36

Close up of Gekoko


This little guy might not be the best starter in terms of stats. However, Gekoko becomes a bit of a beast when it reaches its third stage. In fact, we named Reptomotor as one of the best electric types in the game.

Health Attack Defence Speed Stamina
8 11 6 12 3

Gekoko has two evolutions:

  • Kamelevo – evolves from Gekoko at level 15
  • Reptomotor – evolves from Kamelevo at level 32

Close up of behilda


The ghost-type starter is relatively well-rounded and makes for a solid first Nexomon. Its attack is its best feature, though its speed and health are also pretty good for a beginner creature.

Health Attack Defence Speed Stamina
9 11 8 9 4

Behilda has two evolutions:

  • Heddeca – evolves from Behilda at level 17
  • Noocidal – evolves from Heddeca at level 36

Close up of lume


The fire-type starter Lume is undeniably cute, has great health for a beginner Nexomon, hits hard, has pretty good speed, and a nice amount of stamina. In short, Lume is a worthy choice for any trainer. Oh, and we happen to consider its final evolution, Lumerei, to be one of the best fire-types in the game.

Health Attack Defence Speed Stamina
12 11 6 8 7

Lume has two evolutions:

  • Lumefur – evolves from Lume at level 16
  • Lumerei – evolves from Lumefur at level 34

Close up of Masquiti


Okay, full disclosure, this Nexomon freaks us out, but it’s a damn good choice, one that pays off throughout your entire adventure as its final form is one of the best psychic Nexomon in the game.

Health Attack Defence Speed Stamina
10 11 6 10 5

Masquiti has two evolutions:

  • Masqat – evolves from Masquiti at level 16
  • Feliblanqo – evolves from Masqat at level 34

Close up of Mearn


This cute little kitty is a wind-type Nexomon, and it’s a ferocious little thing with relatively good stats for a starting Nexomon, especially when it comes to speed and attack. Its later stages are also pretty good and do make for a solid wind addition to any team.

Health Attack Defence Speed Stamina
8 11 7 11 5

Mearn has two evolutions:

  • Felarnia – evolves from Mearn at level 17
  • Yarnesty – evolves from Felarnia at level 36

Close up of Trebly


This horny little devil is the mineral starter Nexomon, and it’s a cute little peep with those lovely little horns. Trebly also happens to have a decent amount of health for an early game Nexomon and some top-notch defence.

Health Attack Defence Speed Stamina
12 9 10 6 3

Trebly has two evolutions:

  • Treclay – evolves from Trebly at level 16
  • Tresaur- evolves from Treclay at level 34

Close up of Mara


Mara is a middle of the road starter, in that it’s not the best on offer, but if you’re after a plant Nexomon, it can be a solid addition to any team.

Health Attack Defence Speed Stamina
9 10 7 11 6

Mara has two evolutions:

  • Marasuma – evolves from Mara at level 15
  • Raksuma – evolves from Marasuma at level 32

Close up of Dinja


And the winner of the cutest Nexomon award goes to Dinja! This handsome little monster is a formidable starter that goes on to become one of the best normal-type Nexomon in the entire game.

Health Attack Defence Speed Stamina
10 10 9 8 5

Dinja has two evolutions:

  • Dichala – evolves from Dinja at level 15
  • Namansi – evolves from Dichala at level 32

And that’s all you need to know about every Nexomon starter. Also, don’t forget to check out our list of the best mobile RPGs and best mobile multiplayer games for more great titles.