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Best Nexomon - the best choices by type

Here's our picks for the best Nexomon by their type

Nexomon close up

Monster collecting games are a treasure and hugely popular thanks to the likes of Pokémon, but that franchise isn’t the be-all and end-all of the sub-genre. There are other titles out there, one of which is Nexomon, which, you guessed it, features a huge amount of creatures known as Nexomon. You need to capture, train, and battle them – hmm, that sounds familiar.

With our best Nexomon guide, we aim to help you choose your trusty team in Nexomon: Extinction. Overall, there are 381 Nexomon, many of which have multiple evolutions, so just because a stage one is weak, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth capturing to reap the benefits of its evolutions.

If you enjoy Nexomon, there’s a very good chance that you’re a fan of Pokémon, in which case, we have plenty of content for you to sink your teeth into. First up, there’s Pokémon Go. If you want to incorporate exercise into your game time and be out there in the real world, this is for you. Check out our Pokémon Go events and Pokémon Go codes guides to get a head start. Or, you could look at our Pokémon Unite tier list if you fancy giving the MOBA a try.

Given there are nearly 400 Nexomon available, we broke this guide down into types, selecting the best Nexomon from each variety.

What are the best Nexomon?

Close up of Dinja

The best normal Nexomon

  • Brauncher

Brauncher is a third-stage Nexomon, with its previous evolutions being Puggard and Poyal. Admittedly, its first stage – Poyal – isn’t the best creature of the normal variety, but its evolutions certainly make up for it. You can get Brauncher by reaching level 33 with Puggard.

Health Attack Defence Speed
43 26 33 12
  • Namansi

Namansi is a bit of a beast, and, unfortunately, it’s not easy to come by as it falls under the ultra-rare category. Its first stage is Dinja, which happens to be a pretty good Nexomon itself, followed by stage two evolution Dichala. The entire evolution chain here is pretty strong and is certainly worth considering if you’re after a normal Nexomon. That, and Dinja is cute, possibly the cutest Nexomon.

Health Attack Defence Speed
40 35 30 14
  • Tarragon

Is Tarragon going to be Nexomon’s answer to Charizard? No, probably not. But it’s a good monster to get your hands on if you want to terrorise the skies. When it comes to stats, Tarragon is pretty well rounded, though speed is its lowest attribute.

Health Attack Defence Speed
34 34 34 14

The best fire Nexomon

  • Blazetilla

This second stage Nexomon might not be the mightiest creature out there, but it’s capable of dealing considerable damage with impressive speed. However, to get Blazetilla, you’re going to have to put some effort in, as this Nexomon is only obtainable by evolving Tiliamber at level 36.

Health Attack Defence Speed
34 28 25 20
  • Mulcimer

If you want the best things in life, you have to work for it, and that rings true in Nexomon. If you want a real firestarter on your team, the legendary Nexomon Mulcimer is a perfect choice. It would be fair to say the creature has little weakness and is sure to help you win some battles.

Health Attack Defence Speed
47 38 34 18
  • Lumerei

Don’t let this Nexomon’s cute looks fool you. It’s one ferocious beast. This kitty got claws. To get Lumerei, you’re going to have to play the long game after catching yourself a Lume, which evolves into Lumefur at level 16 and Lumerei at level 34.

Health Attack Defence Speed
40 34 31 14

A giant Nexomon

The best plant Nexomon

  • Mantrass

Float like a butterfly, sting like a Mantrass, that’s the saying, right? Mantrass is a third-stage plant-type Nexomon that has impressive speed and a pretty good attack stat. If you want this Nexomon, you need to catch a Stalkee – at least it’s not a stalker – then evolve it into Mantoo, and finally, Mantras.

Health Attack Defence Speed
35 31 26 18
  • Sikipha

Be careful not to irritate this Nexomon too much, it wields a stick, and we’re sure it would be all too willing to poke and prod places it shouldn’t.  It has two previous stages, the first is Siki, and the second is Sikihob.

Health Attack Defence Speed
40 33 29 15
  • Boscage

Here’s yet another legendary Nexomon. Boscage, as you might expect, is incredibly powerful with impressive stats to boot. Honestly, it’s likely that this dragon will knock all of us into next week.

Health Attack Defence Speed
49 34 38 18

The best water Nexomon

  • Glamoory

First things first, this name is all wrong. When we look at this Nexomon, we don’t seem glam. We see gloom – Gloomoory, or Gloomer, would work so much better. Anyway, this Nexomon might not be the strongest on this list in terms of attack, but it has a good health pool and a decent enough assault and defence for a common Nexomon. This stage two Nexomon evolves from Glimoory.

Health Attack Defence Speed
39 26 26 20
  • Harectic

Great health and attack mixed with good defence and speed makes for a worthy Nexomon. If you’re after a water-type, we will give a shout out to Harectic. As a second-stage Nexomon, Harectic evolves from Kawsnow at level 25.

Health Attack Defence Speed
35 34 26 20
  • Glamond

This greater drake is of the legendary variety and is a well-rounded Nexomon, capable of dealing with the vast majority of battles. If you think you have what it takes to tame this beast, we suggest checking out some ice caves.

Health Attack Defence Speed
46 38 35 17

Huge dragon-like Nexomon

The best ghost Nexomon

  • Centeror

Centeror has a decent amount of health and is capable of inflicting considerable damage upon its foes. However, to get this Nexomon, you need to play the long game, given it’s a stage three creature, evolving from Giddiyelp and Ponic.

Health Attack Defence Speed
36 31 28 22
  • Krainnull

Another legendary greater drake, Krainnull is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Nexomon out there, and that’s especially true for the ghost type.

Health Attack Defence Speed
47 38 35 17
  • Fane

Yet another legendary Nexomon, Fane, is a fearsome beast that’s sure to strike fear into the hearts of all who oppose it. Not only does it have great health, but it also hits like a freight train moving at impressive speeds.

Health Attack Defence Speed
45 36 29 24

The best mineral Nexomon

  • Rustung

Here’s a Nexomon with a nice pool of health, it can withstand a high amount of damage and hit back twice as hard. If you want to add Rustung to your team, you need to catch a Rust, then evolve it into Rustu at level 15, which in turn becomes Rustung at level 33.

Health Attack Defence Speed
39 31 33 13
  • Graloon

Well, this Nexomon is going to ruin your day unless it’s fighting for you, then you’re likely in for a nice victory. Graloon is arguably the most powerful mineral-type Nexomon with great health, offence, defence, and okay speed.

Health Attack Defence Speed
49 35 36 16
  • Fortank

The name gives it away with this one, Fortank is a tank. It can withstand heavy onslaughts and still stand tall. All teams need a great defence, and this Nexomon provides that. It evolves from Fortoise at level 34, though its first stage is Fortle.

Health Attack Defence Speed
40 33 34 12

A group of Nexomon

The best wind Nexomon

  • Hyphoon

Hyphoon is a mega rare Nexomon, one that boasts great health and attack, with substantial defence and impressive speeds.

Health Attack Defence Speed
34 33 27 21
  • Tyrake

Great health, check. Hard hitting attacks, check. Tough defences, well, you get the point. Tyrake will give any foe a headache.

Health Attack Defence Speed
47 37 35 17
  • Eurus

This Nexomon is extremely rare, and not easy to catch at all. However, to become a true Nexomon master we suggest getting your hands on this legendary tyrant.

Health Attack Defence Speed
46 37 35 19

The best electric Nexomon

  • Voltiac

Create some sparks with this impressive Nexomon. Voltiac is great for attacking at speed while also being able to withstand damage. It evolves from Volnamic at level 32, though Volt is the beginning of this evolution tree.

Health Attack Defence Speed
36 31 27 22
  • Reptomotor

This Nexomon is extremely fast and agile, the perfect choice to bring the speed to your team. To get Reptomotor, you must first catch Gekoko and evolve it to Kamelevo at level 15, then on to the third-stage beast at level 32.

Health Attack Defence Speed
34 35 27 22
  • Volta

We can only imagine how many volts are running through Volta. Another well-rounded legendary Nexomon, it makes a great addition to any team.

Health Attack Defence Speed
47 37 34 21

The best psychic Nexomon

  • Horget

A Psychic Nexomon with great health, Horget is a good choice if you want to terrorise the opposition. Its evolution tree starts with Wadgon, before moving onto Wadtail and finally, Horget.

Health Attack Defence Speed
43 29 31 13
  • Felibanqo

This Nexomon is terrifying to look at. Seriously, Freddy Krueger could take lessons from this Nexomon. If you want to add Felibanqo to your team, make sure you catch a Masquiti, then evolve it into Masqat, and finally Felibanqo.

Health Attack Defence Speed
37 36 28 18
  • Mystogen

A highly intelligent Nexomon, Mystogen is one of the legendary greater drakes. Which, as you have likely worked out by now, means it’s an incredibly powerful creature.

Health Attack Defence Speed
46 37 35 20

And that’s all we have on the best Nexomon. Make sure you check out our picks for the best iOS games and best Android games if you’re after something new to play.