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Nier Automata characters - playable and NPCs

There are a lot of different Nier Automata characters - even though only three are playable - with a wealth of machines and androids in every nook and cranny.

Nier Automata Characters: 9s (left), 2b (centre) and a2 (right) from Nier Automata

Nier Automata is a unique game, one that only reveals all its secrets after a few playthroughs. It can be a little difficult to keep up with everything, so let’s fix that. Not only are we gonna run down the main playable Nier Automata characters, but the many friends, foes, and other non-playable characters you come across on this epic quest. There aren’t too many of them, but they all leave a unique impact, especially after you’ve seen the world from three different perspectives.

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Playable Nier Automata characters

2B from Nier Automata, a female android in a short black dress with short white hair and a blindfold. Her back is to us. She is looking at a giant, oil rig-like mechanical beast, fire spurting off pipes on its back.


2B is the star of Nier Automata, showcasing the aesthetic of the game in her character design, a bevy of showy moves to get you started in the world, and a hidden emotional depth that only reveals itself after a dozen or so hours. She is the core of the game and you can find out all about her in our Nier Automata 2B guide.

9S and 2B walking through a dilapidated mall in Nier Automata. There is moss growing one things, they look calm, and a pod is floating above each of their heads (Pods are like drones but boxier).


At first a sidekick, 9S is the star of your second playthrough. They have a more curious nature, though they can be a little simplistic. They also have a tendency to rub their superiors the wrong way too, with their struggle to balance between being rebellious and sweet. You can find out all about him in our Nier Automata 9S guide.

Nier Automata A2, close up, with long white hair over her face and a dusty sky in the background.


A2 is hostile against you at first, but by your third playthrough, you are her. She’s the fiercest of the three, someone who actively shouts at her own pod (quite hilariously), but she does soften as time goes on. Just like all of the other playable Nier Automata characters, these androids do have a heart. You can find out more about it in our Nier Automata A2 guide.


Pascal leads a village full of machines that are not part of the network. He is kind and gets help from the androids, even though they were skeptical at first. Pascal is technically a playable character, but only for a short time in branch C, so don’t get too attached.

Art for Nier Automata showing 2B - a female android in a short black dress and heels with short white hair over blindfolded eyes - and her pod - like a boxy drone thing - looking at a dilapidated factory. In the foreground is some dying grass. The factory in the distance has plants growing over it.

Non-playable Nier Automata characters

  • Adam – antagonist in branches A and B
  • Eve – antagonist in branches A and B
  • Red Girls, aka N2 – antagonist, and leader of the machine network
  • Devola and Popola – NPCs who assist 2B and 9S
  • Commander White – leader of YoRHa
  • Operator 60 – 2B’s operator
  • Pod 042 – 2B and A2’s pod
  • Operator 210 – 9S’ operator
  • Pod 153 – 9S’ pod
  • Anemone – leader of the resistance
  • Jackass – resistance member

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