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Nier Automata 2B guide

Nier Automata’s 2B is the main character and most famous mascot for the game, so let's learn about their combos and personality, to everything in between.

Nier Automata 2B: 2B's key art pasted over a stunning screenshot of a landscape from Nier Automata.

Nier Automata’s 2B may be the most well-known part from game to people who haven’t played it. Not only does she have a striking appearance, especially with the blindfold over her eyes, but they’re also the emotional core of the game, even though they’re an android. We’re to help you dive deeper into the world of 2B, to find out everything about her, from her combos and abilities to her place in the story and her interesting personality.

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Alright, here’s everything you need to know about Nier Automata’s 2B.

Nier Automata 2B slashing at a giant mechanical creature.

What are 2B’s combos?

2B is a well-balanced offensive character in Nier Automata. She has a primary attack, heavy attack, aerial attack, and a handful of other moves for evasion and whatnot. She also has a pod, with interchangeable programs and various different attacks to assist 2B in battle.

Primary Attack

2B’s primary attack is a light attack that’s great for getting in quick hits due to its speed. The speed can still vary, however, as it depends on which weapon you equip (which also changes the way you attack).

Heavy attack

2B’s heavy attack, by comparison, is slower and more deliberate. Combining heavy attacks and light attacks together can create bigger, more free-flowing combos, and is the key to getting the most out of any battle. It is the foundation of combat in the game.

Aerial attack

2B’s aerial attack is a combo that leaps her up into the air and keeps her there until the combo ends. She also has the ability to evade attacks and if this is timed perfectly, you can counter powerfully.


When it comes to the pod programs, they’re not all created equal, so be sure to pick the best ones. Below are my personal favorite pod programs.

  • A140: Gravity
  • R050: Spear
  • R020: Mirage
  • A080: Wave
  • A090: Wire
  • A150: Volt
  • A060: P Shield

Nier Automata 2B: A close up screenshot of 2B from Nier Automata. She has a while bob haircut with a side fringe, and a black blindfold covers her eyes..

What is 2B’s personality like?

First off, be warned: we got spoilers coming. 2B’s personality is particularly interesting, as she is, of course, an android. She understands the chain of command, is dedicated to doing her duty, and is pretty determined to always get the job done. Yet, any player knows that throughout there are little hints at something deeper, which become more and more frequent as you progress.

The game helps you understand 2B throughout, so much so that the end of the first run can be really heartbreaking, as she kneels over 9S. We see pure emotion, just how much she cares, something that’s only been hinted at throughout. Sure we’ve seen anger, but nothing as dramatic as this.

And that’s the key to who she is as a character in Nier Automata. 2B is an android, sure, but they appear as a very stoic, unemotional person, someone who could reveal more about themselves if pushed to the edge. I think that’s what makes her such an excellent lead character.

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