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No Man’s Sky multiplayer

With our No Man’s Sky multiplayer guide, you never have to travel the galaxy alone again, unless you want to - you do you pal, we don’t judge.

No Man's Sky multiplayer - loads of ships flying in space past planets

The huge expanse of the galaxy is equal parts exciting and kinda terrifying to think about. That’s why we’ve put together this No Man’s Sky multiplayer guide, in which we explain how you can go on your merry adventures with your squad. Sometimes, you need a pal, or three, by your side to keep the good times rolling, especially when you accidentally walk into a space lion’s den.

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Anyway, onto what to expect from No Man’s Sky’s multiplayer.

No Man's Sky multiplayer - a traveller on an orange grass planet

What is No Man’s Sky multiplayer?

At any given time, there can be 36 players in one ‘game’, though this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll come across anyone on your travels – space is huge, after all. However, you can bring three friends along with you in one party, which means you can actually see each other, interact, and explore to your heart’s content.

Essentially, you continue to play the game as you normally would, but you might be better equipped to tackle some tougher planets as a team. Or, you can just nominate someone as a tribute in a sticky situation. Either way works.

How do I team up people for No Man’s Sky multiplayer?

It’s easy. Just complete the following steps:

  • Fire up No Man’s Sky
  • Go to options
  • Select network
  • Add friend
  • Enter their name or select it from a preexisting list
  • Send an invite
  • Go on an adventure!

There you have it, everything you need to know about No Man’s Sky multiplayer. For more great games about sailing through the stars, check out our best space games list.