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Omniheroes tier list June 2024

Check out our Omniheroes tier list to see who’s the best hero of them all, and which to focus your materials on for the best team.

Omniheroes tier list: Valkyries flying through the sky

Pocket Tactics is here to save the day with our Omniheroes tier list to guide you on who you should build. Or not, because everyone’s favorites are different. Across the multitude of characters, there are four different classes – tank, mage, warrior, and support – to make teams with, so let’s see what the best units are.

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Omniheroes tier list

Rank Omniheroes hero
S Bastet, Ellie, Mastema, Nyx, Salleine, Atropos, Eudora, Albert
A Carola, Dullahan, Elude, Macaria, Osse, Persephone, Solomon, Sylvan, Talanis, Talos, Emily, Themis, Karnak, Nawi, Guinn, Catrina, Dorabella, Marlena, Minotaur
B Aiushtha, Arkdina, Anubia, Athena, Clotho, Evelynn, Felmyst, Iranka, Lachesis, Lily and Lia, Janna, Merlin, Sadie-Illia, Victoria, Eluller, Elyrian, Bojji, Diana, Brutus, Percival, Atalanta
C Ashlyn, Doris, Franz, Haine-Stoneskin, Hallios, Marina, Paragon, Zapper, Bjorn, Jerald, Yasuke, Merida
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How do I perform an Omniheroes reroll?

If you aren’t happy with your heroes, you can always reroll your account. As long as you’re using a guest account, you can reroll as much as you like. To do this, locate Omniheroes settings on your device and clear the caches. That way, you can head back into the game in a new guest account and pull to see which heroes you get this time around.

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