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Is there a Resident Evil 4 Remake Switch port?

Many want to know if there’s a Resident Evil 4 Remake Switch port on the way, and we’re here to let you know if the survival horror remake is going portable.

Ah, Leon. It’s as though the events of 1998 in Raccoon City weren’t enough, as the rookie cop turned government agent finds himself in a strange European village. No, he’s not backpacking or on vacation. He’s there to find the President’s daughter. Players worldwide are joining him to fight the good fight, but is there a Resident Evil 4 Remake Switch port? Do fans of the hybrid console also get to question why they have to save a whiny girl?

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Anyway, let’s find out if there’s a Resident Evil 4 Remake Switch port.

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Is the Resident Evil 4 Remake coming to Nintendo Switch?

For the time being, there’s no word on an RE4 Remake Switch port, but you shouldn’t lose hope. Last year, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 3 Remake, Resident Evil Biohazard (VII), and Resident Evil Village all came to Nintendo Switch via cloud ports, so there’s a good chance that the RE4 Remake will pop up on the console further down the line.

Is Resident Evil 4 on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, the original port of RE4 is available on Nintendo Switch, so you can still join Leon and Ashley on the go, though I can’t deny that the remake is a treasure for survival horror fans.

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