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Pikmin Bloom coins – how to earn flower coins

If you’re looking to line your pockets with some floral currency, we’ve got you covered with our Pikmin Bloom coins guide

Pikmin Bloom coins; A player walking in game, with multiple Pikmin running around them

Money makes the world go around, and the flower-fuelled Pikmin Bloom is no exception. If you’re just getting your feet off the ground in this new, location-based phenomenon, you’ll likely be looking for ways to grab yourself some of those sweet, sweet flower coins. You can use these to speed up wait times, or purchase new items in-game to aid you in your new journey.

But how do you get your paws on this elusive currency? Well, we’re here to help, with our Pikmin Bloom coins guide. Like most free-to-play games, flower coins are essentially a premium currency, but you can gather some for free with patience and dedication. In this guide we’ll show you how to earn flower coins in-game, let you know how to purchase them, and tell you what they can be used for.

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How do I get Pikmin Bloom coins?

There are currently two ways to get flower coins in Pikmin Bloom. Of course, the first is to purchase them with real money. Ah, sweet capitalism. To buy Pikmin Bloom coins, head to the in-app store. They come in bundles ranging from 100 coins for £0.79 all the way up to 14,500 coins for £99.99.

Pikmin Bloom coins; a Pikmin in a player's hand, with a flower behind its head

You can, however, earn Pikmin Bloom coins for free, albeit at a pretty slow pace. You gain coins at certain intervals as you walk around, but you have to rack up quite a few steps to get them. You can also get coins for growing flowers, and we estimate that you get roughly one coin for every 500 flowers planted. You can earn a maximum of 30 coins per day.

We’re not sure if Niantic plans to implement any events, boosts, or changes to the rate at which you earn coins, but we’ll be sure to update this guide if anything changes.

What can I buy with my Pikmin Bloom coins?

You can spend your hard-earned coins on a few useful items in-game. Firstly, you can buy nectar, which is otherwise only obtained from fruit gathered on walks, or brought back from expeditions you send your trusty Pikmin pals on. Nectar is used to help your Pikmin grow and produce petals, which you can plant to grow new flowers.

You can also use your coins to purchase petals of specific colours, so you can have more control over what flowers bloom around you. Sometimes the shop will also sell special petals like tulips, so you can change up what flowers you plant on your walk.

There are also some storage upgrades available in the store, which allow you to gather more nectar, seedlings, petals, or increase the number of Pikmin you can take with you on your walk. These upgrades can’t be purchased with flower coins, but are bought with direct transactions of £1.99/$2.99.

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