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Pikmin Bloom flowers - how to gather petals and get Pikmin Bloom flowers on your map

Fill your neighbourhood with beautiful blossoms and budding blooms, with the help of our Pikmin Bloom flowers guide

Pikmin Bloom flowers; two Pikmin holding up a plant

Aside from the adorable little critters following you around, one of the biggest draws in Pikmin Bloom is seeing the beautiful flowers blossom around you. It’s wonderful to see your neighbourhood blanketed in gorgeous blooms, and they can give a boost to your Pikmin pals too.

But how do you plant Pikmin Bloom flowers? And where do you get petals? Well, that’s where we come in! In this Pikmin Bloom flower guide, we’ll teach you all about the art of gathering petals from your Pikmin, how to plant them, and what benefits you get from growing flowers – aside from them looking pretty, of course. So, if you want to see plenty of flowers on your map, you’re in the right place.

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Pikmin Bloom flowers and petals

All fresh Pikmin start with a tiny leaf atop their head. This leaf grows into a bud, followed by a beautiful flower if you feed them Pikmin nectar, and the type of nectar you feed them determines what colour their flower will be. There are four possible flower colours – white, yellow, red, and blue, with white being the most common and blue the rarest.

Pikmin Bloom flowers; Pikmin sat on the player's shoes waiting to go on a walk

When the flower blossoms, the petals will eventually glow. This means you can harvest the petals by touching them, then continue to feed the Pikmin nectar to get more petals until the flower is gone. At this point, you have to wait until the following day for the Pikmin to grow a new leaf.

You can also take your leafy-headed Pikmin on a walk, which transforms the leaf into a bud for free. If you give them nectar after this stage, you get an additional petal for your trouble.

You can get nectar from the fruit you collect on your journey, or that your Pikmin have brought back from expeditions. To feed your Pikmin nectar, all you have to do is drag it to your platoon, and they will jump up to eat it. You can blow your whistle twice to switch out your tired Pikmin for ones that can still produce petals.

You can hold a maximum of 200 of each type of petal initially, but you’re able to expand your inventory with real money in the store. You can also purchase the four basic petal colours, and the occasional special petal from the store.

Pikmin Bloom flowers on a sidewalk as Pikmin follow the player

How do I plant Pikmin Bloom flowers?

As you level, you unlock the ability to plant your Pikmin Bloom petals, so you can cover the map in flowers. This increases the number of waypoints you get while out on a walk, which in turn helps your Pikmin grow faster. The growth speed is initially increased by 10%, but can go up to 30% depending on how many petals you plant in a single session.

Planting petals also earns you coins, but you’ll need to grow roughly 500 flowers for one coin, and can earn a maximum of 30 coins in one day. It’s also a lucrative way of finding new seedlings on expeditions, as well as fruit that matches the colour of the flowers you grow.

When you’ve got some petals in your inventory and you’re ready to start planting, you just need to tap the flower at the top-right corner of your screen. The game will show you how long your supply of petals will last, and roughly how many flowers you will plant by walking around. All you need to do now is tap the start button next to the vial of flowers to start planting.

After you initiate it, the game will automatically plant petals around you. Petals are consumed over time, rather than by the distance you travel – so even if you’re standing still, you’ll still be growing new flowers. However, there’s a five-minute recharge for planting flowers in the same place.

The app will continue to plant petals while running in the background, until your supply runs dry, unless you manually tell it to stop. You can see how many flowers you’ve planted by looking at the flower in the top right of the screen. The flowers you grow will stay on the map for both you and other players to see for a couple of days, and stick around longer the more there are in the area.

And that’s all you need to know about Pikmin Bloom flowers and petals. If you’re looking for some more location-based fun, head over to our list of the best games like Pokémon Go to find something new to play.