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How to get Pixel Piece’s black leg

With our Roblox Pixel Piece black leg guide, you can discover how to learn the fighting style so you can get out there and kick some serious butt

Pixel Piece black leg - a character on the beach in white clothing

If you like anime and Roblox, you likely want to sail the seven seas in Pixel Piece, a game that takes influence from the One Piece franchise. Naturally, this not only means exploration across a vast world but some heavy action too, and that’s where Pixel Piece black leg comes in, as this is one of the fighting styles on offer.

Mind you, explaining how to get the Pixel Piece black leg is only one of the ways we can help you. For further assistance, you can sail over to our Pixel Piece codes guide, where all manner of goodies await you. Or, for other freebies, give our Anime Adventures codes, Anime Fruit Simulator codes, and Fruit Battlegrounds codes a read.

Anyway, here’s how to get Pixel Piece’s black leg.

How do I get black leg in Pixel Piece?

To get the fighting style, you need to:

  • Go to Baratier Island
  • Head into the green building
  • Talk to the yellow-haired NPC named Sandro
  • Select ‘show me your ways’
  • Pay 4,800 gold
  • Learn black leg

There you have it, how to get Pixel Piece’s black leg fighting style. For some less blocky action, check out our picks for the best One Piece games on Switch and mobile.