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Pixel Piece fruit tier list, abilities, and more

Learn more about Roblox Pixel Piece fruit in this guide full of details on abilities, where to find them, and a tier list that tells you which fruit are best.

Pixel Piece Fruit: a screenshot shows the Roblox game Pixel Piece, a voxel based adventure game with open oceans and islands to explore

What’s better than sailing the open seas? Doing it with a belly full of fruit! Watch out landlubbers, you need nerves of steel to take on the hit Roblox game Pixel Piece (yes, it takes influence from the anime show, One Piece), but there’s one thing that makes it easier. So, check out our guide to Pixel Piece fruit guide to learn where to find them, where they place on the Pixel Piece fruit tier list, and all those Pixel Piece fruit abilities.

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Let’s sail into our Pixel Piece fruit guide.

Pixel Piece Fruit: a screenshot shows the Roblox game Pixel Piece, a voxel based adventure game with open oceans and islands to explore

Pixel Piece fruit tier list

Sadly, some fruits are better than others. Like pears, pears are awful. So we’ve put together a Pixel Piece fruit tier list to help you pick the best of the bunch.

Tier Pixel Piece fruit
S hie-hie, mera-mera
A bomu-bomu, paw-paw, moku-moku
B cry-cry, spin-spin
C smooth-smooth, suke-suke, kilo-kilo

What are Pixel Piece fruit?

Pixel Piece is a fun Roblox game based on One Piece, where you explore the ocean and discover islands, all on one big adventure. Pixel Piece fruits are found all around the map and give you unique abilties and powers.

All Pixel Piece fruit abilities

Pixel Piece fruit are nifty things, and you can use many abilities by consuming the different fruit you find. Here is our guide to the many Pixel Piece fruit abilities.

Pixel Piece Fruit  Ability  Description 
Smooth  Smooth floor Skate across the ground
Smooth  Smooth push Use the smooth ground to push and damage enemies
Invisible (suke) Self insivible Become invisible to enemies and other players
Invisible (suke) Party invisible Makes all party members invisible
Cry Kenpopo Launch three projectiles, regaining health if they connect
Cry Chiyupopo Start crying, depleting your health but regaining health for nearby party members 
Cry Hogopopo Activates a stun shield
Bomb Bomb shot Throw a bomb and deal damage 
Bomb Bomb rush Rush towards enemies and deal damage
Bomb Bomb booster Use explosions from your hands to fly
Bomb Bomb destruct Blow up, causing huge damage to enemies and yourself
Spin Spinning assault Spin around and cause damage
Spin Spinning flight Fly in any direction until your stamina depletes
Spin Spinning disaster Turn into a tornado and deal damage to enemies 
Kilo Kilo walk Run forwards and stamp, dealing damage to enemies
Kilo Kilo crash Smash the ground three times and damage enemies
Kilo Kilo rise Fly around using an umbrella
Kilo Kilo 1,000kg  When using Kilo rise high in the air, stomp the ground and deal damage to enemies
Kilo Kilo 10,000kg Similar to Kilo 1,000kg, but much more powerful
Kilo Kilo force Buffs the effects of regular melee attacks
Flame (mera) Flame snap Throw a flame towards enemies
Flame (mera) Flame flight Use the flame to fly
Flame (mera) Shinka shiranui Use flames to fly into the air, and then smash into the ground to damage enemies
Flame (mera) Flame repulse Fly into the air using flames, and then fire explosive blasts towards the ground, damaging enemies
Flame (mera) Hiken Throw flames towards enemies, dealing damage
Flame (mera) Hono no hashira Summon a pillar of flames, which moves forwards as long as you hold the skill
Flame (mera) Dai enkai entai Hold the skill button to build a ball of fire. The longer the skill is held, the bigger the ball and the more damage dealt
Ice (hie) Ice hawk Throw a hawk made of ice towards enemies
Ice (hie) Ice hammer Sumon a giant ice hammer to damage enemies
Ice (hie) Ice spears Summon a spear of ice to damage enemies
Ice (hie) Ice stomp Stomp the ground to produce a huge ice wall
Ice (hie) Frozen time Summon a wall of ice around your character, freezing and damaging enemies
Ice (hie) Ultimate stomp Similar to ice stomp, this summons three walls of ice around the character
Ice (hie) Ice ice Skate on ice

Pixel Piece Fruit: a screenshot shows the Roblox game Pixel Piece, a voxel based adventure game with open oceans and islands to explore

How do I find Pixel Piece fruit?

You don’t need to use fruit to enjoy Pixel Piece, but if you pick up a few of them it definitely helps along the way. Luckily, it’s very easy to find Pixel Piece fruit and devil fruit. The most reliable way is to search under trees, where fruits appear randomly. Make sure you find and search every tree you see as you explore different islands, and your pile is sure to fill up fast.

Secondly, Pixel Piece fruit and devil fruit are available to purchase with beli or Robux from the fruit dealer at the central port. Grab a boat and travel south from the spawn island to reach the area, though you can also watch the video below to be sure you go the right way.

YouTube Thumbnail

That’s it for now folks, we hope you are going bananas for this guide, but if you need even more Roblox content, be sure to check out our Roblox promo codes guide next.