Pokémon fan’s crochet Torkoal is the cutest thing you’ve seen all year

When you're traversing the world of Pokémon you're bound to run into some pretty cute companions, but this Torkoal might be the cutest of all.

Misty clasping her hands together with Pokemon Torkoal next to her against a Pokemon landscape background

Every Pokémon fan has their own list of their favorite squishy Poképals, based on their unique criteria of what makes a good adventuring companion. Sometimes it’s because they look like they could take on anything in a fight, like an Infernape. Sometimes it’s because they’re graceful and unbothered, like a Gardevoir. Sometimes it’s because they’re strangely sexy, like Alakazam (just admit it). Mostly, though, we all love Pokémon because they’re just so damn cute.

Whether it’s a tiny sparky Pichu or a hefty Snorlax, cuteness is innate to all Pokémon in one way or another. That’s why anyone who’s ever dedicated time to playing the Pokémon games in order keeps coming back to explore the various regions: obsessively completing the Pokédex is an absolute joy when it means exploring every corner for new collectible critters. For example, you probably remember the first time you ever successfully caught an adorable Torkoal.

Introduced in Gen 3, and often found residing in mountain caves, Torkoal is one of the few Pokémon that has no evolutions. An uncomplicated fire-type, it just plods along, minding its own business. To be honest, you’re unlikely to ever use a Torkoal in a competitive team, or as one of your main six when you’re taking down gym leaders. But, nevertheless, one dedicated (and highly talented) trainer has decided to honor Torkoal by crocheting a version of the Pokémon, and it’s absolutely adorable. We’re now a week into 2024, and so far, it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen all year.

Reddit user daisyscrochets_ shared an image of their creation on the r/Pokemon subreddit, saying, “My first time crocheting Torkoal and definitely my first detailed project. Any Torkoal fans out there?” Needless to say, the post provoked an overwhelming response.

A hand holding a crochet version of the Pokemon Torkoal in front of the Pocket Tactics logo background

“I want this precious baby,” begged one commenter, and plenty of others concurred, desperate to be able to purchase the fiery, woolen tortoise. It’s easy to see why. The crochet Torkoal is an absolute work of art, capturing the laid-back essence of the Pokémon. It’s covered in brilliantly intricate details, like the coloring on the shell and the little grumpy facial expression, but the highlight of the whole thing is undoubtedly the little puff of smoke coming out of its back: Torkoal’s signature look.

Of course, official Torkoal merch from the Pokémon Center is available, though in honesty it’s nowhere near as perfect as this fan’s wonderful version. For now, we’ll just have to stick with trying to come up with a usable Torkoal-centered build. We love a challenge.

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