Fire-type Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

If you want to know what the fire Pokémon weakness is you need to look no further as we dive into how you can take down these pesky pyromancers.

Fire Pokemon weakness: Arcanine, Typhlosion, Rhapidash in front of an orange background

Burn baby burn, disco inferno. That should be the dance track for fire ‘mon, but if you want to turn it to murder on the dance floor, our fire Pokémon weakness guide can help you to douse the flames. These creatures can be vicious in battle, and while their shortcomings may seem obvious, the fire-type weaknesses, resistances, and strengths might surprise you (or not, we all know that fire burns).

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Anyway, onto what you need to know about the fire Pokémon weakness.

Fire Pokemon weakness: the ground, water, and rock icons in front of an orange background

What are the fire Pokémon weaknesses?

Naturally, the main fire Pokémon weakness is water, but it’s useful to know that these pyromaniacs are susceptible to attacks from both the rock and ground-types. As such, you want to avoid creatures such as Golem, Blastoise, and Lycanroc.

Coming up against these three types might be difficult for Arcanine or Charizard, but just look at our ground Pokémon weakness, rock Pokémon weakness, and water Pokémon weakness guides to find out how to beat them.

Fire Pokémon counters

As for specific Pokémon to use as a counter to a fire-type, we suggest the following:

All three of these creatures are the perfect counters against the likes of Ninetails, Magmar, and Moltres. Especially Rhyperior as a dual rock and ground-type, and Gyarados thanks to some devastating water attacks.

However, when picking your counter in a battle against fire Pokémon, make sure you consider the possibility of a secondary type being weak to fire. Oh, and ensure you use the correct moves. An example would be having a Gyarados that uses something like ice fang over water pulse. As ice is weak to fire, that attack will do very little damage, whereas water pulse is a super effective attack against fire Pokémon.

What are the fire Pokémon resistances?

Fire Pokémon are resistant to their own kind, while also being highly resistant to attacks from bug and grass-types. So, don’t worry if you come across a beedrill or a Venusaur, both will go up in flames.

For even more information on how to beat bug and grass creatures, consult our bug Pokémon weakness and grass Pokémon weakness guides.

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What are the fire Pokémon strengths?

Ah, the forest-loving ‘mons. Their ass is grass, and you’re gonna mow it as a fire Pokémon. However, not only are ice-types also incredibly weak to the flames, but so are grass and bug Pokémon (Rellor’s evolution comes to mind) – no need for an exterminator with the likes of Charizard and Arcanine on your team.

Look, we’re sure you know how to melt an ice Pokémon at this point, but our ice Pokémon weakness guide might hold some information that you’re yet to learn.

Well, there you have it. You now know what the fire Pokémon weakness is. Should you be curious about how to beat those who live in the shadows, make sure you check out our ghost Pokémon weakness and dark Pokémon weakness guides. We also have flying Pokémon weakness, steel Pokémon weakness, and poison Pokémon weakness guides to help you dominate the battlefield.