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Pokémon Go mega evolutions are going through some changes

The Pokémon Go mega evolution update is live in Australia and New Zealand, and it’s global release is on the horizon, bringing some great changes

Pokemon Go mega evolutions Venasaur and Blastoise

The Pokémon Go mega evolution update is live in Australia and New Zealand, but not to worry if you’re elsewhere in the world, as Niantic plans to roll out the improvements worldwide soon. If you play the location-based game, the chances are you’re familiar with the mechanic, which temporarily changes your Pokémons appearance and cranks its strength up to 11.

However, thanks to the Pokémon Go mega evolution changes, you can complete mega raids with fewer trainers, and mega evolve your Pokémon through the raid and battle prep screens. Furthermore, any ‘mon that has previously used a mega evolution gets an additional visual effect to commemorate this monumental occasion in their life, and, perhaps the most exciting change of all, mega levels now alter how you use mega energy.

You see, each time you mega evolve a Pokémon, it gets an increase to its mega level, and each time it levels up, you get bonuses, with the number of rewards increasing each time you reach a new milestone. Furthermore, each individual bonus increases in potency each time your Pokémon gets an additional mega level.

When is the Pokémon Go mega evolution update release date?

It’s currently available in New Zealand and Australia, but we don’t know an exact launch for the rest of the world.

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What are the Pokémon Go mega evolution bonuses?

There are various Pokémon Go mega evolution bonuses, and they are as follows:

  • An increase in catch candy when you catch a ‘mon that’s the same type as your mega evolved Pokémon
  • When in a gym or raid battle, if you use a mega evolved ‘mon, your teammates deal additional damage if their attacks are the same type as your Pokémon
  • The chances of you getting candy XL increase when you catch a ‘mon of the same type as your mega evolved Pokémon
  • You can use mega energy to decrease your ‘mon’s rest period

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