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Every available Pokémon Go Paldea Pokémon

It’s time for Pokémon Go Paldea Pokémon to wander the globe, as creatures from generation 9 are now live, and you can catch some today.

Pokemon Go Paldea: the three starter Pokemon from Paldea walk along a path

If you want to catch some Pokémon Go Paldea Pokémon, then this is the guide for you. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet brought a brand new Pokédex with them, and Niantic is slowly adding some of the most popular creatures to Pokémon Go. So, which ‘mon are available, which are shiny, and which are on the way? We’re answering these questions in our guide.

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Let’s dive into our Pokémon Go Paldea guide.

Every available Pokémon Go Paldea Pokémon

Niantic is slowly introducing many gen 9 Pokémon, and so here we’re breaking them down nice and simple for you to understand. We’re listing the Pokémon available, how to catch them, and if you can get a shiny one right now. Happy hunting, trainers! Plus, if you’re stuck on the shiny ghost Pokémon, be sure to check out our Pokémon Go Gimmighoul and Gholdengo guide.

Pokémon Type How to catch Egg Type Shiny Evolution method
Sprigatito Grass Wild encounter 7km No N/A
Floragato Grass Evolve Sprigatito N/A No 25 Sprigatito candy
Meowscarada Grass/dark Evolve Floragato N/A No 100 Sprigatito candy
Fuecoco Fire Wild encounter 7km No N/A
Crocalor Fire Evolve Fuecoco N/A No 25 Fuecoco candy
Skeledirge Fire/ghost Evolve Crocolar N/A No 100 Fuecoco candy
Quaxly Water Wild encounter 7km No N/A
Quaxwell Water Evolve Quaxly N/A No 25 Quaxly candy
Quaquaval Water/fighting Evolve Quaxwell N/A No 100 Quaxly candy
Lechonk Normal Wild encounter 7km Yes N/A
Oinkologne Normal Evolve Lechonk N/A Yes 50 Lechonk candy
Nymble Bug Wild encounter N/A No N/A
Lokix Bug/dark Evolve Nymble N/A No 50 Nymble candy
Pawmi Electric Wild encounter N/A No N/A
Pawmo Electric/fighting Evolve Pawmi N/A No 25 Pawmi candy
Pawmot Electric/fighting Evolve Pawmo N/A No Walk 25km with Pawmo as your buddy and use 100 Pawmi candy
Smoliv Wild encounter Wild encounter No No  N/A
Doliv Grass/normal Evolve Smoliv N/A No 25 Smoliv candy
Arboliva Grass/normal Evolve Doliv N/A No 100 Smoliv candy
Bombirdier Flying/dark Three-star raids N/A Yes N/A
Frigibax Dragon/ice Wild encounter 10km No N/A
Arctibax Dragon/ice Evolve Frigibax N/A No 25 Frigibax candy
Baxcalibur Dragon/ice Evolve Acrtibax N/A No 100 Frigibax candy
Gimmighoul Ghost Use the coin bag item N/A No N/A
Gholdengo Steel/ghost Evolve Gimmighoul N/A No Collect 999 Gimmighoul coins
Greavard Ghost Research N/A No N/A
Houndstone Ghost Evolve Greavard N/A No 50 Greavard candy

Which Pokémon Go Paldea Pokémon are on the way?

All of the currently announced Pokémon Go Paldea Pokémon are now in the game. We expect Niantic to reveal more soon, and we’ll update this guide straight away. Head to the Pokémon Go Live site to stay up to date with all the latest details.

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That’s all for now, Poké pals. We hope our Pokémon Go Paldea Pokémon guide helps. If you do head out into the streets to catch some new monsters, be sure to also check out our Pokémon Go promo codes guide first.