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Stock up on balls with the Pokémon Go Poké Ball Prep Rally event

The Go Poké Ball Prep Rally event not only helps you to stock up on items, but Hisuian Electrode is also debuting as part of the event

Hisuian Electrode next to a person

You can never have enough balls, and that’s especially true for Pokémon Go trainers, and that’s why Niantic is hosting the Go Tour Poké Ball Prep Rally event. As the name indicates, this is all so you can stock up on poké balls for the upcoming Pokémon Go Tour: Johto experience. Generation two is full of incredible creatures, and we advise you to catch ‘em all.

Furthermore, the Go Tour Poké Ball Prep Rally doesn’t just allow you to stock up on supplies. It also features several ball-like Pokémon for you to catch. Better yet, this marks the debut of Hisuian Electrode – following the introduction of Hisui Voltorb – so you’d best make sure you’ve got 50 Voltorb candy at the ready to evolve the first stage ‘mon into this robust electric and grass-type hybrid.

However, it’s not all about Hisuian Electrode, as encounters with Voltorb, Hisuian Voltorb, Koffing, Marill, Wailmer, Solosis, and Foongus are all more common throughout the Poké Ball Prep Rally. If you’re lucky, you might even stumble across Jigglypuff, Galarian Stunfisk, Amoonguss, and Electrode.

When does the Pokémon Go Poké Ball Prep Rally begin?

The Go Poké Ball Prep Rally begins on February 18 and runs until February 25, plenty of time to not only catch all the ball-like ‘mon you can carry, but also complete the field research that rewards you with plenty of poké balls, great balls, and ultra balls. Furthermore, your buddy will bring you more gifts throughout the event.

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