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See what you can catch in the Pokémon Go Safari Zone: Taipei

In the Pokémon Go Safari Zone: Taipei event, you can frequently encounter all kinds of ‘mon and enjoy a range of event-exclusive content such as research

Key art of a 'mon in the Pokemon Go Safari Zone: Taipei

The good times just keep rolling in Pokémon Go, as tickets for the mobile game’s Taipei Safari Zone are now on sale, and they’re a must-buy for those that happen to be in the area, as not only can you meet like-minded people in real life, but also catch an assortment of loveable ‘mon.

Throughout the Pokémon Go Safari Zone: Taipei event, you can expect to encounter Pikachu, Seel (read out gen 1 Pokémon guide to discover why no one cares about this one), Doduo, Chikorita, Marill, Tangela, Lotad, Scyther, Clauncher, and more. Who knows, if you’re lucky, you might even encounter a shiny one.

Other benefits if you have a ticket includes 50% less stardust for trades, a short event-exclusive special research event, field research, long-lasting lure modules and incense, an exclusive paper plane souvenir, and an increased chance that your buddy will find various goodies.

When is Pokémon Go Safari Zone: Taipei?

The Pokémon Go Safari Zone: Taipei event takes place from October 21 to October 23, and you can purchase tickets through the event listing.

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