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New Pokémon Go feature asks how big is your Weedle

Our Snorlax may be bigger than yours, and now there’s an official way to find out with the new Pokémon Go Showcase feature releasing soon.

Pokémon Go Showcase: three squirtles standing by a pokéstop in different sizes

A new feature is coming to the legendary mobile game very soon – the Pokémon Go showcase, or Pokémon Gocase, if you will. This and the latest Pokémon Go codes are making sure you have a fun, Pokémon filled summer.

Pokémon Go’s latest community-focused addition lets trainers enter their prized Pokémon into showcases at some Pokéstops, where they are sized up alongside other contestants. Think of it like a Poké-pageant.

You can’t just bung any Pokémon in there willy-nilly, though – you must adhere to which Pokémon is up during each event. For instance, for the first event during the Pokémon Go 7th Anniversary Party, it’s Squirtles that are in the spotlight.

The competition Pokéstops have a green icon above them, signaling where to enter your best buds. Tap the stop, then the showcase option, and enter your Pokémon. Once your entry is secure, the icon on the stop turns purple. You can still evolve, trade, transfer, and battle with your ‘mon when they’re in the competition.

Each event uses the same Pokéstops for the showcases, so don’t worry about having to chase down new ones every time. The showcases also don’t run forever, so make sure to check back at the stop to get your rewards including stardust, XP, and items. Winners will get a snazzy medal, too. When there are rewards ready, the icon at the stop turns orange.

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If you want to keep an eye on how your extra-special Pokémon is doing, you can check the Leaderboard section at the Pokéstop. We’re quite excited to show off our oversized Onix and super-small Snoms, and we hope to see your Pidgeys on parade as well.

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