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Rock Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

Knowledge of rock Pokémon weakness is what you need if you go against sedimentary 'mon, so learn everything about taking out an Onix or Nosepass in this guide.

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Our rock Pokémon weakness guide will tell you everything you need to know about besting an Aggron or Cranidos, or looking after your Omanyte or Roggenrola, because every type of Pokémon has a fascinating (and mostly intuitive) list of strengths, weaknesses, and types it resists. It’s therefore integral to know what you’re up against when a wild battle starts, so here’s our tips on when best to use rock-types in a team, and when to avoid them.

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Now let’s roll into our rock Pokémon weakness guide.

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What are rock Pokémon weaknesses?

When building a roster to hit the rock Pokémon weaknesses, try and stuff in as many of these types as you can. Dual-type Pokémon come in very handy here such as Steelix, Ferrothorn, Toedscool, or Wooper.

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What are rock Pokémon resistances?

If you find yourself against a rock-type with a team consisting of the above type Pokémon, you may want to rethink your strategy. This is because rock-types are resistant to fire, flying, normal, and poison attacks.

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What are rock Pokémon strengths?

Rock-types are smashing when used against the above types. If a big bug or a pesky Cryogonal blocks your path, get your rocky ‘mons out and show them who’s boss!


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