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Electric Pokémon weakness, resistance, and strength

Electric types can bring the lightning, but what are electric Pokémon weaknesses and resistances? Read on to find out all this and more.

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Pokémon may have been around for years and years and it’s hard to figure out (and remember) which types can counter each other, or what Magnemite’s strengths are after all this time. Therefore, we present our electric Pokémon weakness guide, as well as strengths and resistances, so you can plan your teams effectively and hit the enemy where it really hurts.

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So, let’s get into our electric Pokémon weakness guide.

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What are electric Pokémon weaknesses?

Electric-type Pokémon have one real weakness, and one real weakness only:

Due to this weakness, electric pokémon have no effect against ground-type enemies. If you let your Pikachu go up against the likes of a Mudbray, chances are, it won’t last long.

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What are electric Pokémon resistances?

Electric Pokémon are resistant to a few types and take half-damage from them. These are:

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What are electric Pokémon strengths?

These sparky types can be assets to your team as they can deal some real damage – and there are plenty of small, cute, electric ‘mons to pick from if you prefer that to big lizard-shaped monsters. Electric types are strong against water and flying types, and deal super effective damage, whereas they deal half damage to grass, dragon, and other electric types.

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