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Pokémon Unite Aegislash build, moves, and items

If you’re looking to perfect your team with this spectral sword, our Pokémon Unite Aegislash build guide has all the information you need to dominate the battle

A picture of Pokémon Unite Aegislash in both forms.

What the heck is an Aegislash? It’s not exactly the most well-known Pokémon, but it’s made its way into Pokémon Unite somehow, and now we have to use it to score some goals and stab through the heart of the opponent’s team. It seems very ready for the job though, as it’s literally a floating sword with a shield. It’s the definitive Pokémon Sword and Shield, as it were.

Anyway, let’s get down to business. Our Pokémon Unite Aegislash guide has all the details you need. Whether you’re wondering about abilities or attack styles, or just want to find the best held items or battle items, we’ve got it all down below. As Aegislash can deal big damage, we recommend a hard-hitting build, as you’ll see in our guide.

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How do I get Pokémon Unite’s Aegislash?

Just head to the Aeos emporium and make sure you’ve got at least 10,000 Aeos coins or 575 Aeos gems, otherwise, you won’t be able to afford Aegislash.

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Pokémon Unite Aegislash moveset

As Aegislash levels up, you can upgrade to different moves. With the eventual buffs, Aegislash has the potential to lay some serious waste to your opponents as a physical attacker. So, here’s our guide focusing on offence, Aegislash’s greatest asset.

Pokémon Unite Aegislash passive ability

Aegislash’s passive ability depends on its evolution. As Honedge or Doublade, from levels one to seven, their passive is no guard. Once they evolve into Aegislash at level seven, their passive is stance change.

Move name Attack type Description
No guard Passive Increases received damage and dealt damage (Honedge & Doublade only)
Stance change Passive Allows the Pokémon to switch between blade forme and shield forme (Aegislash only)

Pokémon Unite Aegislash early-game abilities

Aegislash has two special abilities from the start: shadow sneak and iron defence. Neither are anything to write home about, but both get upgrades in the mid-to-late game for higher damage output or a better buff.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Shadow sneak Physical 0 seconds Cast a damage-dealing shadow in the designated direction, then warp to the shadow’s location and deal damage to nearby opposing Pokémon
Iron defence Buff 6 seconds A protective force that disappears after blocking

Pokémon Unite Aegislash mid-game abilities

At level five you can upgrade shadow sneak to sacred sword, Aegislash’s signature attack, and a very powerful ability for dealing damage.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Sacred sword Area 9.5 seconds An explosion which deals damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect and throws them as you slash forward, and for a short time after you partially ignore the defence of enemies

A picture of Pokémon Unite Aegislash in shield forme.

Pokémon Unite Aegislash late-game abilities

At level eight you can upgrade iron defence to wide guard, a buff that gives Aegislash a shield. It’s worth upgrading as soon as you can, as you’ll be relying on Aegislash in the late game to deal potent damage and get a goal zone advantage.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Wide guard Buff 9 seconds Aegislash shoves opposing Pokémon in front of itself and receives a shield effect, which, if hit by an enemy, increases the boost count, up to a maximum of two

Pokémon Unite Aegislash end-game abilities

At level eleven you can upgrade sacred sword to shadow claw. For a balanced damage build, we recommend holding onto sacred sword instead of upgrading, unless you want to focus on critical hits. At level thirteen you can upgrade wide guard to iron head, which we recommend.

Move name Attack type Cooldown Description
Shadow claw Dash 5.5 seconds Three slashes with the final one throwing opponents, increasing the boost count by one when one slash hits
Iron Head Buff 7.5 seconds Barrels towards the opponent, increases the boost count by one, and grants a special shield for a short time afterwards

What is the best Pokémon Unite Aegislash build?

Aegislash has a great deal of potential damage output, so if that’s your focus, here’s the build we recommend.

  • Level five: sacred sword + iron defence
  • Level eight: sacred sword + wide guard
  • Level eleven: sacred sword + wide guard
  • Level thirteen: sacred sword + iron head

A picture of Pokémon Unite Aegislash in sword forme.

Pokémon Unite Aegislash best held items

You can pick up to three held items for battle. Here’s what we recommend, ordered from best to worst:

  • Muscle Band
    Increases damage when basic attacks hit.
  • Razor Claw
    Increases basic attack damage after using a move.
  • Focus Band
    Recovers health when at low HP.
  • Scope Lens
    Increases basic attack critical hit damage.

Pokémon Unite Aegislash best battle items

You can only choose one battle item per match. We suggest any of the following items.

  • X Attack
    Increases Aegislash’s basic attack damage, move damage, and standard attack speed.
  • Slow Smoke
    Decreases movement and basic attack speed of opposing Pokémon
  • Potion
    Heal Aegislash for 12.5% of its maximum health.

That’s all the advice we’ve got for Pokémon Unite Aegislash. If you need more PokéMOBA action, check out our Pokémon Unite skins guide to get your fighters looking fit for the big time.