Pokémon players predict new skill types for Nintendo’s next release

Our wish list for a new Pokémon game now includes some fresh types, and these imaginative players have the best ideas for Nintendo to listen to.

Pokedex and Unown Pokemon in front of Pokemon game background

With the prospect of the Switch 2 (and its potential 2024 release) now firmly implanted in the minds of handheld gamers across the world, the natural question to ask is: what will be the console’s flagship game? 2017’s launch of the Nintendo Switch coincided with the release of the genre-defining Breath of the Wild, and the Switch 2 is likely to be paired with a new title from one of Nintendo’s two other biggest properties, Mario and Pokémon.

With Mario Wonder still being so fresh and shiny, it seems likely that it will be Pokémon that gets time in the spotlight alongside the Switch 2, which means a new generation of Pokéfriends. Of course, that also brings with it the possibility of new moves, skills, and maybe even entirely new skill types. That would be a welcome treat because, let’s be honest, after playing the Pokémon games in order endlessly some freshness would be welcome.

Now, inspired by a recent post on Reddit, Pokémon players have begun to predict what the next new Pokémon type could be. “If Game Freak [was] to add an entirely new type to give Gen 10 some hype, what would you think is the best possible addition?” asked user B217. The replies are filled with brilliant ideas.

“Digital type,” argued one commenter, explaining that this would include, “Pokémon that [have] relation to computer/software. Add this type to the Porygon line. Super strong against psychic and fairy type. Weak against electric and ice type.” Other suggestions included the addition of occult, space, time, and sound types.

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We’re fully on board with all of these ideas. For a while now, the Pokémon games have been expanding through (sometimes controversial) new gameplay mechanics, such as the recent change to a 3D, open-world format. This has been driving the franchise onward, but it would also be welcome to see the balance of power among the typings face a shake-up, too.

We love the classic types, but it’s always fun when this pool is expanded to include new varieties and some of the best Pokémon games have introduced fresh types with the latest addition being fairy-type in Gen 6. Obviously, players are overdue for something new now and it looks like these Pokémon fans have all the answers.

So, Game Freak and Nintendo: listen up. With the emergence and development of AI and virtual reality, it seems like the perfect time to bring in digital-type Pokémon, and other new ones too. The more Pokémon, the merrier.

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