Free Pokémon games on Switch and mobile

We all love a free Pokémon game, so we look at which entries on Switch and mobile are the best choice for you to play wherever you are.

free Pokémon games: a collage of trainers from the pokémon series

If the mainline Pokémon games aren’t enough for you, then we recommend you peruse our list of free Pokémon games below. As a side note, we’re not including the Pokémon TCG Live app as it is quite honestly not very good – sadly, we wish this wasn’t the case. Anyway, read on for some good quality free fun!

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Let’s hop into our list of free Pokémon games.

free Pokémon games: a trainer catching a Croagunk on their phone in a garden

Pokémon Go – mobile

Pokémon Go is up there as not only one of the most fun Pokémon games but one of the best mobile games ever. Available for free, it allows you to wander around and catch Pokémon on your mobile, then build your team, fill out the Pokédex, and trade with other players. Even now, years after the game’s release, there are substantial events in the real world and in-game providing community hangouts and new stories.

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free Pokémon games: a battle taking place in Pokémon Quest

Pokémon Quest – Switch and mobile

Pokémon Quest is set on the mysterious land of Tumblecube Island, where cuboid Pokémon roam free. Take a team of cubey critters on expeditions and gather treasure, then build up your base and build friendships with Pokémon from Red and Blue.

free Pokémon games: a round Rowlett wearing a hat in front of a Pokemon Cafe ReMix screen

Pokémon Café ReMix – Switch and mobile

Café ReMix has a simple gameplay premise where you link together similar Pokémon icons to clear levels and earn goodies to improve your café.

You can recruit Pokémon to work there – who doesn’t want a Minccino serving their cappuccino? They each have unique skills to use during the puzzle parts to add a boost and bring your score up.

free Pokémon games: a team of animals in Pokemon Unite running out of the gate

Pokémon Unite – Switch and mobile

Take to the field in a four vs. four team game – Pokemon Unite lets you control a singular creature of your choice as you aim to score goals and get more points than your opponents. Beware, though, they can attack you, just as you can attack them.

Unite requires an active internet connection for multiplayer games but has an offline mode too. It also has a constantly updated roster of available Pokémon to use, so there’s plenty to do in this free game.

free Pokémon games: three characters from Pokemon Masters EX

Pokémon Masters EX – mobile

Set on the island of Pasio, where Pokémon and trainers form sync pairs, is a new world where Pokemon Masters EX takes place. It’s a free-to-play game on mobile and has a roster of iconic Pokémon trainers for you to recruit.

Collect badges and challenge the Pokéon Masters League to become its champion. The gameplay involves a three vs three match of your Pokémon against another trainer.

Two screenshots showing a level in free Pokémon games Pokemon Shuffle

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile – mobile

Originally a 3DS title, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is the newer version on iOS and Android devices. Similar to Café ReMix, the aim is to connect similar tiles to eliminate them from the board. Doing so defeats the wild Pokémon in each level and allows you to catch them.

There’s support Pokémon that you can bring in to assist, too, adding handy skills to your roster to clear boards in record time.

free Pokémon games: a Charizard watching other animals in Pokemon Magikarp Jump

Pokémon Magikarp Jump – mobile

Have you ever wanted to embody a Magikarp? No? Well now’s your chance anyway. Magikarp Jump lets you train up your very own flopping fish and get it as good as it can be and then compete in jumping battles.

Not only can you get the classic orange fish, but you can get a shiny gold and even a pink-hued Magikarp.

Really, this is a list of nearly all the free Pokémon games that are currently active, but as massive Pokémon fans, we think they’re all neat. If you fancy something a bit different from the pocket monster life, check out these Project Slayers codes, Slayers Unleashed codes, Blox Fruits codes, and Mage Tycoon codes.