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Pikachu plush appears at Pokémon World Championships

Winners of the 2024 Pokémon World Championships are due to be crowned in Hawai’i, with the opportunity for fans to grab an exclusive Pikachu plush to celebrate.

pokemon world championships 2024 artwork with pikachu in a snorkel

The Pokémon Company International recently revealed some brand-new details ahead of the 2024 Pokémon World Championships that are due to take place this summer, between August 16 – 18, at the Hawai’i Convention Center in Honolulu. Poké-fans who attended the 2024 Pokémon North America International Championships held in New Orleans over the weekend, as well as avid fans (like us) who tuned into the official livestream, saw the unveiling of the Worlds-exclusive Pikachu plush and Paradise Resort promo card on offer to those worthy enough of winning.

It’s standard practice for every competitor playing in the Worlds championship to receive a welcome kit bursting with goodies, and this time around they include the exclusive Pika-plush and card. But it’s not just the players themselves who can bag this adorably squishy Poké-pal. The Pikachu plush will be available at the Pokémon Center pop-up store as the championship tournament plays out, meaning the lucky fans in attendance can get their hands on the plush themselves.

The North America International Championships, held in New Orleans over the weekend, saw plenty of skilled Pokémon trainers fighting it out in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Scarlet and Violet, as well as the Go and Unite mobile games. Many battles were had in order for them to qualify at the World Championships, where they could get their hands on the sought-after Pikachu plush. Of course, there’s the added bonus of being crowned the winners, but if it were us, it’d be the plush we’d be most excited about.

We’re super excited to see who emerges triumphant this summer in Honolulu, and you can check out all of the action on the official Pokémon livestream when the action starts on August 16. There’s a full rundown of what to expect on the official Pokémon World Championship page, and you can find out even more about the Play! Pokémon program, too.

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